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INR 2,00,000 Global Esports Community League Announced in Partnership With Shure


Global Esports just announced its partnership with audio brand Shure and it is hosting the Community League for Free Fire and Valorant players. Registrations for the event opened on May 11, 2021, and players can sign up until May 18, 2021. Registrations for the Valorant event begin on June 11, 2021 and will conclude on June 18, 2021. The prize pool for the Global Esports Community League is set at INR 2,00,000 ($2,700 USD) across both events along with Shure Products. There are community rewards up for grabs at the Global Esports Community League as well. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Global Esports Community League Overview

The first season of the event will feature only Valorant and Free Fire and other titles will be added in future seasons. The goal of the Community League is to provide an even playing field to aspiring pro players, and Global Esports wants to give players a chance to showcase their skills. The first phase of this League is open to. The top teams that qualify from this open phase will then battle it out against the top teams in the country. Registrations for Free Fire are open while Valorant registrations will be available next month.

GE revealed in its announcement that the partnership between the esports organization and Shure seeks to create future opportunities similar to the Global Esports Community League. The Free Fire Community League will go live in May 2021 and will end by June 2021. The Valorant Community League will follow it in July & August. Global Esports revealed that it wants “to create an immersive experience that would entertain our audiences and incentivize them to participate and engage in an event without ever having to leave their homes.”

Prize Pool: INR 200,000 ($2,700) + Shure Products for MVPs & Community

Invited Teams for Final Phase: 6 Free Fire Teams and 4 Valorant Teams

Global Esports Community League Registration Details

Registration Link:

Free Fire Registration Dates: May 11 to May 18

Valorant Registration Dates: June 11 to June 18

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