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Bizarre CS:GO Bug on Ancient Allows Players to Walk Over the Map


Ancient which is the latest map to join the Active Duty Map Pool seems to be suffering quite a bit at the moment, as players bring to light multiple problems that require Valve’s immediate attention. A game-breaking bug was recently discovered by a bunch of Russian CS:GO players that let users break the vertical limit of the map, allowing them to move outside the legal play area on Ancient. No extra third party program or any sort of a special glitch is required in order to recreate this bug, though teamwork and practice are quite essential in order to pull it off smoothly.

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Critical CS:GO bug allows players to walk over the map on Ancient

A bunch of Russian CS:GO players seem to have experimented around with Ancient in the wildest possible way, as they manage to find a critical bug that allows them to break the default vertical limit of the newest competitive map.

This method works only on certain areas of the map and requires teamwork between players to successfully pull it off. The first spot is around the ‘B-Site’ where players need to perform a set of boosts at various positions, helping a player reach the top of a certain structure. From here, the boosted player can simply glide around the side of a structure and even walk on top of the map in the middle of the air.

The game-breaking bug allows the boosted player to go outside the legal play area of the map, catching the attacking team off guard. This is such an awkward place to check for the T side, that they can easily get picked off despite the CT standing in the middle of the air without any cover.

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From the video attached above, you can see how the CT-side time and again utilizes all the players to reach the top of a certain structure. This way one player is able to attain an eagles view on the oppositions movements, passing on the information to his team while picking a few kills themselves.

However, this is 100% an illegal move as the player is literally breaking the boundaries of the map to seek information on the enemy team. Valve should be able to fix this issue pretty easily, the only worry is how soon. Hopefully, they make this problem a priority before it goes viral within the CS:GO community and everyone starts spamming it. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.