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Battle Pass 2021: Valve Indicates That There Will Not Be One This Year


Battle Pass 2021 is perhaps not in the works and hence, is not going to be rolled out this year, as indicated by Valve in a blog post on May 12, 2021. The “As The International Approaches: Introducing Supporters Clubs” update has not given any inklings on the Battle Pass 2021, only mentioning “two separate events” that Valve plans to release in the coming months. These planned events, however, will not fund the TI10 prize pool since the 2020 Battle Pass money is yet to be claimed, Valve stated. Dota 2 Battle Pass fans can, instead, spend their money on the freshly released fan support bundles according to the organization’s blog post.

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Battle Pass 2021 likely to be skipped by Valve; Announces Supporters Clubs Instead

Dota 2 fans had been keyed up for the Battle Pass 2021 since previous iterations have been released in the month of May. While Valve did officially launch something on May 12, 2021, it was not the Battle Pass.

The fan bundles, now termed as Supporters Clubs, have been officially incorporated into Dota 2 almost four months after their initial announcement in January. The three bundles for each team that come at different prices are – The Bronze Club includes a badge for your favorite team, the Silver Club includes sprays and emoticons, and the Gold Club includes a special in-game HP-bar badge, loading screens, and voice lines.

As fans hoped to find some enlightenment on the release of Battle Pass 2021 as they scrolled down the Supporters Clubs section, they were, however, greeted with the contrary.

While talking about their approach to deliver events throughout the year, Valve implicitly stated that there would be no Battle Pass 2021. Neither of the two events that Valve plans to release over the coming period “will fund The International prize pool, as the TI10 Battle Pass prize pool still remains to be claimed,” Valve stated.

TI10 Prize pool The TI10 boasts of a total prize pool of over $40 million USD.

Image Via Dota 2 Prize Pool TrackerFurther, they mentioned that in case the community wants to support the teams and the organizations, they can subscribe to the fan bundles.

“For fans that want to support players and organizations, the new Supporters Club provides a more flexible and direct way to contribute to your favorite teams.”

Clearly, no signs of a Battle Pass in the mid of May mean that Valve is not keen on releasing one this year. Also, there has not been any communication on the release of the Spectre Arcana. However, in addition to the Supporters Clubs, the other piece of news that Dota 2 fans can cherish is the official announcement of the dates and location of TI10. TI10 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from August 5-15, 2021. If the audience would be allowed for the coveted tournament is still shrouded in secrecy as Valve will provide an update as the summer approaches. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.