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Top 5 Features That Broken Fang Introduced to CS:GO


The 10th CS:GO operation ‘Broken Fang’ was released last year on 3rd December 2020, bringing with it a lot of new features that the community thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed. As this operation pass was coming 249 days after the completion of ‘Shattered Web’, the players were quite excited to see what the developers had in store for all of them. Yes, there were a few bugs but nothing too serious that led to any major issues, providing the community with some quality features some of which have managed to stay on even after the operation came to an end.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that have now been adopted to the regular game of CS:GO. We will also breakdown these features and see if they have been changed in any particular manner, and how the community has perceived these additions.

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5 Broken Fang Features Now Introduced to CS:GO

5. Retake Game Mode

The interesting fast-paced game mode was an instant hit with the CS:GO community. Previously, this game mode used to be played on private servers or through third-party platforms. It might not have been the most requested feature but was welcomed with open arms by the community members.

The retake game mode consisted of 3 T-sided players defending a site against 4 CT players. Each player on the server had the option to choose a fixed loadout card at the beginning of each round. The side that achieved victory in 8 rounds first was the overall winner of a particular match.

This game mode was retained by Valve for CS:GO as part of the 3rd May update. The Retake game mode is still available under the category of Wargames for all users to enjoy!

4. Ping Feature

Valve seems to be finally feeling the heat from other competitive FPS online shooters that have come up in recent years, as it introduced the new pinging feature to CS:GO along with Broken Fang. This effective communication tool was really helpful when playing solo or when pointing towards something specific, working as an aid to fine tune communications between teammates.

Despite there being some critical bugs associated with this feature that were highlighted by the community on multiple occasions. Valve was quick to fix them, continuing to further bolster the use of this pinging feature. Which has turned out to be helpful in mitigating conflict between team members and aid them in better understanding each other while playing the game.

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3. Operation Stat Track

Yet another feature that was enjoyed by the CS:GO community was a passive stat tracking attribute, that gave users in-depth information about their performance. The informative features introduced things like Map Performance, Weapon Stats, Heatmaps, and more, making a player more aware about their performance and weapon usage.

This feature was modified a bit and transformed into ‘CS:GO 360 Stats’ giving users valuable information related to all their Competitive, Premier, and Wingman game modes. However, this feature was not welcomed by the CS:GO community as it was introduced as a subscription service.

CS:GO 360 Stats is a new subscription service for playersCS:GO 360 Stats is a new subscription service for players

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2. Premier Competitive

This was one of the highlight features of operation ‘Broken Fang’, a competitive game mode that allowed players to participate in a map pick-ban phase before the start of every match. During the early phase of the operation, this game mode was exclusive to only pass holders but was later opened to all the CS:GO players.

This game mode consisted of all the Active Duty maps while tracking the performance of all the players on the operation stats page, giving them detailed insight about their performance. This feature was thoroughly enjoyed by the community members, because of which Valve has stuck with it.

The developers went on to retain this game mode for CS:GO as part of the 3rd May update. The Premier Competitive matchmaking is still available for all users to enjoy under the Competitive tab.

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1. Ancient

Broken Fang was loaded with new cosmetics, skins, and maps which made for a lot of content to be browsed through and enjoyed by the players. Out of the 6 maps that were release along with the operation pass, the one that has managed to stand out is Ancient.

The map after being played through the duration of the operation as a regular competitive map, was quickly introduced into the Active Duty Map Pool, replacing Train. Though there was an initial public uproar against this decision, the community seems to have accepted this change slowly.

Though a lot of bugs, visibility issues, and performance related problems have been reported by the community members. The maps seems to have potential to turn into a viable and highly competitive CS:GO map, if Valve keeps pushing out regular updates to improve it further.

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