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Is This the Most Crucial Week of the NA DPC 2021 S2 Upper Division?


The NA region has just completed its fourth week of season two of its regional DPC 2021 Upper Division and all three of the top teams remain undefeated through all of their series so far. In first place, Undying leads with a 5-0 W-L score. Evil Geniuses(EG) and Quincy Crew tie for second place with both teams having a 4-0 W-L score. The three teams are set to face each other in the upcoming games that will test their undefeated streaks and determine which team will prevail to give them the best shot at making it through to the Second Major of DPC 2021.

A Season Defining Week for Top NA DPC Upper Division Teams

With their current positions and performance, it is likely that Undying, EG, and Quincy will finish the season as the top 3 teams, of which, only the top two qualify for the Major. It is possible we could see a repeat of last season when all three teams finished with a 6-1 score, only losing to one of the other two teams and subsequently having to play tiebreakers to determine who made it to the Singapore Major.

Upcoming games of the top three teams:

Date Teams
May 13, 2021 EG vs Undying
May 13, 2021 SADBOYS vs Quincy Crew
May 16, 2021 EG vs Quincy Crew
May 20, 2021 EG vs Black N Yellow
May 20, 2021 Quincy Crew vs Undying

With TI10 fast approaching, Quincy Crew and Undying will want the top spot for the most DPC points and the ticket straight to the Major playoffs. With 900 DPC points, EG is currently in a comfortable place thanks to a first-place finish in the NA Upper Division last season and a second-place finish in the Singapore Major. They’ve all but guaranteed a place in TI10 thanks to their performance earlier this year. However, the team will still be aiming for a win at the NA DPC League Upper Division and a decent performance at the Major.

Unfortunately, Undying and Quincy Crew with just 400 and 350 DPC points respectively. So a good performance in the NA Upper Division and the subsequent major is absolutely crucial for them to directly qualify to TI10.

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[Opinion] Why is this most important week of the NA DPC League

This conundrum is what makes this the most important week in the NA DPC League Season 2. If Quincy Crew and Undying emerge on top of Evil Geniuses this week, they will likely make it to the major which would grant a NA a firm shot at securing two or three direct invites to TI10, since EG already has a substantial amount of DPC points.

If it is any other case, then it will be detrimental to the NA region as a whole. Despite the fact that it is likely that Quincy Crew/Undying will qualify for TI if they can get a top 8 finish at the Major.

The region has been putting out some good performances in the Singapore Major with EG finishing in second place and Quincy Crew securing a 9th-12th place finish despite playing with a stand-in.

Below are the current DPC points of teams in the NA region:

Position Team Points
1. Evil Geniuses 950
2. Undying 400
3. Quincy Crew 350
4. 4 Zoomers 100
5. SADBOYS 30.71
6. 5ManMidas 0
7. A-Team 0
8. Black N Yellow 0 blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.