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GoodGame1 To Host INR 3,00,000 GG1 Scrims Event For Valorant, CS:GO, DOTA2 and More


Media and digital entertainment company GoodGame1 is hosting its GG1 Scrims event which will see players from all over India compete in Valorant, CS:GO, DOTA2, Free Fire, Clash Royale, and FIFA 21. The total prize pool for the event is set at INR 3,00,000 ($4,087) split across all esports titles. There are participation restrictions that are in place that prevents pro players and top-ranked players from competing in the early stages of the event. The event kicked off on May 10, 2021 with Valorant and FIFA 21 matches underway and it will conclude on June 20, 2021.

GG1 Scrims Overview


The six-week event is an open-for-all competition for the amateur esports community in India. The event is expected to have over 1600 participants across Valorant, CS:GO, DOTA2, Free Fire, Clash Royale, and FIFA 21.

The Valorant and FIFA 21 matches are already underway and GoodGame1 seeks to “nurture the semi-pro and amateur players of the Indian esports scene, to give them a chance to compete at the national level. The top players in the esports scene will restrict top-ranked players and professional esports players from participating in the upcoming event. However, they will be allowed in the later stages to even the playing ground between amateur and professional players.

The organization also wants to work with top players in the near future to create platforms where amateur players can compete against the top-ranked players in a competitive environment. The event is already underway and GG1 seeks to pave the way for grassroots events in the country.

How to Register for GG1 Scrims

GoodGame1 Registration Link for all titles in GG1 Scrims 2021:

There are restrictions put in place by GoodGame 1, and participation is disallowed for the following players;

  • Valorant: Radiant and Immortal
  • CS:GO: Global Elite and Supreme Master First Class
  • DOTA2: Immortal
  • Free Fire: Grand Master and Heroic
  • Clash Royale: Above 3000 Trophies
  • FIFA 21: No restrictions

Social Media:

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Discord –

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