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Apex Legends Devs Confirm Bocek Bow Nerf


Apex Legends Season 9 added a bow to the game which has been at the center of controversy lately. The Bocek Bow is capable of dealing over 100 damage on a headshot and 70 damage on body shots. That’s not all, it comes with not one but two hop-ups and the weapon gets even better. The Bocek Bow in Apex Legends has less bullet drop than some of the snipers in the game and it can equip the 3X scope, which allows it to outperform every other Marksman weapon in the right hands. Players are already calling for a nerf with less than two weeks into the season and it looks like Respawn has the weapon on its nerf radar already.

Is The Bocek Bow Overpowered in Apex Legends

Many Apex Legends players have been complaining about the Bocek Bow. While many players are happy with its addition to the game and it is the only bow in the game currently with its own exclusive ammo type, other players are calling for nerfs. TSM’s Apex Legends in-game leader ImperialHal has called for it to be nerfed along with other pros and content creators. He asked for damage falloff, arrow dropoff at range and he also does not want the 3X to the allowed on the bow, which would be put it on par with Wingman, which only allows 1X and 2X attachments.

The weapon is more efficient than some snipers in the midrange and its body shot damage is higher than all other Marksman weapons and it even deals more damage than the Longbow, which is a sniper. The bow is seeing a lot of usage with a lot of top players like TSM Albralelie actively using it in ranked play.

Respawn Dev Confirms Bocek Bow Nerf

Popular streamer and competitive player NiceWigg talked about how the weapon is fine for pubs but he does not want to see the weapon in competitive play. He said “Feel like I’m fighting in a survival game. Not sure how it is in pubs etc but at top play level it actually might be the worst meta ever”. David Bocek, the developer who the bow is named after said that a nerf is coming soon. he did not reveal any specific details but we can expect some changes soon.

Another outlier in the meta right now is the Spitfire which many players have been complaining about. Even though it received a small recoil nerf, the weapon is still very potent and players are calling for more nerfs to the weapon.

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