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[Watch] CS:GO Player Dodges 50 P90 Bullets With Insane Movement Skills


Movement is an underrated skill when it comes to CS:GO. Though almost all professional players are at more or less the same level when it comes to aiming, the same cannot be said for movement. Only a handful of players possess such incredible maneuvering skills that they that can upset an opponents aim, who is holding an angle all set to take them down. Recently a clip by ‘u/MicoroFX’ has gone viral within the CS:GO community, as a player successfully managed to dodge a whole P90 magazine on the back of some insanely precise movement. Needless to say, the community went mad applauding the maneuver while also criticizing the aim of the other player.

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Player shows sick movement by dodging 50 P90 bullets

What if you miss every single shot from your P90 submachine gun, not that bad. Now, imagine missing an entire magazine worth of bullets trying to kill just one player who is less than 10 meters away from you. Well, a player actually had to go through such humiliation as evident from the clip below, that has now gone viral within the CS:GO community!

From the clip above you can see that the player spots the enemy opening the door from ‘Squeaky’ to enter ‘A-Site’, instantly opening fire from his P90. Unfortunately, he is up against quite a mechanically skilled player who starts bobbing and weaving every which way possible to dodge his bullets.

The P90 barrage does not stop as the player charges towards the enemy, continuously trying to track him down as he continues to dodge the bullets. The enemy player does take a few hits to his legs when he tries to jump in between, but as soon as he lands the P90 runs out of bullets giving him the time to turn around and kill him with a single Deagle headshot.

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The clip went viral within the CS:GO community as everyone went berserk. They applauded the enemy player for his incredibly smooth and very aware movements, that allowed him to dodge a whooping 50 P90 bullets in a row!

As for the other player, it was a bit sad as some blamed him for his bad aim, while others sympathized by blaming it on the gun. In all fairness, the player did have a pretty steady aim but due to all his moving around and him not managing to quickly change his spray into a burst fire, is what cost him the round and maybe even his will to play CS:GO for some time. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.