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101 have taken down another opponent on their way back to the Upper Division as this time, Gorgc and his streamer buddies in Team Bald Reborn were defeated 2-0. While Team Bald Reborn had stepped into the series after two consecutive victories, they were still considered underdogs against the undefeated squad. The result also reflects the same as easily took care of their fifth opponent in the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Lower Division. While game 1 was an outright stomp, the second game witnessed Team Bald Reborn put their enemies under pressure, but it was not enough to secure the victory.

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Game 1 was Team Bald Reborn getting out drafted by’s last pick Anti Mage. Team Bald Reborn had absolutely no Anti Mage counters. Things quickly went downhill for Gorgc and his teammates after Anti Mage bought his initial items, losing the game in 27 minutes.

Game 2 saw Team Bald Reborn put up a stronger fight as they were coming out ahead in crucial teamfights. However, a fight that seemed like being won by Gorgc and company turned the advantage on its ahead when four members from bought back to kill Roshan and claim the Aegis. They capitalized on this and then went on to win the game in 43 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

While Team Bald Reborn competes against Hippomaniacs on May 12, 2021, will play Ghost Frogs on May 13.

Interview: Seleri talks about the best players on Team Bald Reborn

On the post-match winners’ interview with, Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp identified the top players in the opponent team.

“Maybe, probably Rajjix right now. Maybe Xcalibur. I like laning of Gorgc a lot actually. He is one of the nicer carries to lane with, in pubs. Maybe because he listens to me (laughs).” blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.