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Valorant Mobile Pre-Registration Listed on TapTap


Valorant Mobile is now listed on TapTap along with a pre-registration option for both Android and iOS. The listing has a ‘Developer On Board’ badge with Riot Games Inc. listed as the developer. The developer page has other Riot titles listed. However, the creatives used for Valorant Mobile’s listing are inconsistent and it is currently uncertain if the page is official. AFK Gaming has reached out to Riot Games and will update this article if we receive a response. There have been multiple reports of a mobile version of Valorant being in the works and here is everything we know about Valorant Mobile so far.

Inconsistencies with the Valorant Mobile Listing On TapTap

TapTap Valorant Mobile

The footage used in the Valorant Mobile listing shows alpha footage from the PC version of the game. None of the in-game screenshots showcase any touch controls on the page and they are all old assets that were used by Riot Games prior to Valorant’s release on PC.

Is Valorant Coming to Mobile?

Strings of code were discovered in September 2020, a few months after the game’s release by dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’ which suggests Riot might actually be working towards releasing Valorant on mobile devices. The game was specifically testing touch controls, and the strings of code were found from the game’s files, which lends credence to the Valorant Leaks’ findings.

In March 2021, Popular leaker PlayerIGN alleged that Valorant Mobile might be announced at E3 2021 in a video earlier this year. There is currently no official information available from Riot Games just yet. In May 2021, IGN India reported that Valorant Mobile is in the works and that Riot Games is trying to gauge which markets the mobile FPS title would work in.

With E3 2021 set to take place next month, fans will find out of PlayerIGN’s speculations on Valorant Mobile’s announcement at the event are true or not soon. The event comments on June 12, 2021, and it ends on June 15, 2021.

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While there have been leaks and datamines indicating the development of Valorant for Android and iOS devices, it should be noted that Riot Games has not made any announcements or released any statements regarding this matter. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.