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Sinatraa To Return To Streaming Valorant On Twitch


Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won will be returning to Valorant after he was suspended midway through the Valorant Champions Tour. In March 2021 his former partner Cleo “cle0h” Hernandez accused Sinatraa of sexually abusing her in a Twitlonger along with screenshots and audio clips. Riot Games suspended the player and initiated an investigation into the matter. Sinatraa denied the allegations, apologizing to Cleo and saying he is “fully cooperating with the investigations” and “providing the full audio and video clips” documented in Cleo’s post. Months later, the suspended Sentinels star said on his (current) girlfriend’s Twitch stream recently that he doesn’t know if he will return to the pro scene but he’ll be “back streaming no matter what.”

Allegations against Sinatraa

Cle0h’s TwitLonger included an audio clip in which Sinatraa allegedly forced himself upon Hernandez, who claimed she “lived in constant fear” during their nine-month long relationship.

While the Riot Games investigation is still underway, Sinatraa seems set on returning to Valorant. Three months after the incident and a break from the public eye, the player shared pictures of himself playing Valorant on his personal discord. His recent appearance in Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik and Rahul “Curry” Nemani’s Twitch streams also led the community to speculate his return.

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Sinatraa has also appeared with his current girlfriend Emma “Emmyuh” on her stream several times during the last few weeks hinting at a return to streaming on Twitch.

Emmuyh has confirmed that Sinatraa could return sometime in May. Emmyuh had earlier tweeted out a statement publicly defending Sinatraa saying,

“Cleo continues to paint herself as a saint and she has provided, yet again, nothing about how she treated him or myself. I know she isn’t the person that she’s trying to display to the world, not because of Jay, but because of the Overwatch scene.”

In a now deleted tweet, Cleo stated on April 11 that she has filed a police report against Sinatraa.

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