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Shroud Wants Riot Games to “Delete” Judge From Valorant


Shroud is not a streamer who rages too frequently but in a recent stream, he was very upset with the Judge. The shotgun’s potency has been debated by Valorant players heavily in the recent past Shroud did not like the fact that he died to a single shot from the weapon. He called for Riot Games to “just delete” the weapon from the game. Considering how potent the weapon is at one-hitting enemies at close range, it is understandable why some players are frustrated with the weapon. After being killed by it, Shroud shared his opinions on the current state of the weapon.

Shroud Talks About How Overpowered The Judge Is

Currently, Judge is the most expensive shotgun in Valorant because of how powerful it is at close range. It is the only shotgun that can consistently take out agents with a single shot regardless of armor. The headshot multiplier on the weapon is an impressive 2X which allows players with good accuracy to be deadly with the weapon.

The Valorant community is split on Judge’s potency and while some players think the weapon is completely broken, others think that it is fair as the Judge has very steep mid-range and long-range dropoff, which makes it viable only at close range. Shroud got one shot by the weapon and he was not happy about it.

He placed the spike and was trying to guard the site and as soon as he started looking around, he was caught off-guard by an enemy shot managed to jump-shot him with the Judge. Shroud died instantly and raged about the weapon. It is a rare occurrence to see the popular streamer become visibly upset over games, and he said “F***ing judges! Delete them from the game! Literally, Riot, click the button. Delete. That’s it. Just get rid of them. Just get rid of them. It’s that simple!”

People in his chat sided with him and called for a nerf. It remains to be seen if the weapon is tweaked in a future update by Riot Games. Currently, shotguns are not used often outside of early rounds and Judge is only shotgun that is capable of taking out enemies in a single shot at close range. With patch 2.09 just around the corner, it remains to be seen if Riot Games makes any changes to the controversial shotgun.

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