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How to Check and Improve Trust Factor in CS:GO?


Trust Factor is a very important and integral part of CS:GO that was introduced to the game in late 2017. It is a powerful tool that helps Valve improve the overall matchmaking experience, by pooling players who are likely to have a good experience together. Trust Factor was launched to further bolster Prime Matchmaking that had created an imperfect divide within the CS:GO community. This advanced system observes the behavior and conduct of a player, keeps a strict eye on their Steam account, tracks their time spent playing the game, and many other factors, to reward them with a score that determines whether their Trust Factor is high or low.

Let us see how we can find out what our Trust Factor in CS:GO actually is, as this will help us understand the matchmaking scenario better. Apart from this we can also find out how the Trust Factor can be improved, if in case you end up having a low score that directly impacts your matchmaking experience.

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How to check Trust Factor in CS:GO?

The official statement by Valve says that due to few reasons of their own they will not be providing the list of factors that help in determining the Trust Factor of a user. However, the developers did go on to say that it had something to do with their past experience in CS:GO and their Steam activity.

In the years since the Trust Factor was launched, Valve has come forward to talk about a few aspects that determines this measure for a certain player,

  • Observing player behavior and the attributes of their Steam account.

  • Amount of time spent playing CS:GO.

  • How frequently have they been reported for cheating.

  • Time spent playing other games on their Steam account.

Based on this, the CS:GO community has come forward with a nice little trick through which players can determine what their current Trust Factor is. You can simply follow the steps mentioned below to get an estimate of where your Trust currently stands,

  1. First, you need to queue with your friends for matchmaking on official Valve servers.

  2. When doing so, you need to ask everyone in your party to observe if they receive any sort of a warning message when entering the lobby or not.

  3. If they receive either a yellow or a red warning message, then it means that your trust factor is not perfect and is indeed quite low.

  4. In case they do not receive any message, then it means that you are probably safe and possess a healthy Trust Factor.

This is not a fool proof method though, because there is always a chance that all the players invited to the lobby has a medium or low trust factor themselves. In such a situation, the party will be able to queue for a match without any warning. So better try this out with a few friends that maintain a healthy presence across both CS:GO and Steam.

To put it simply, the Trust Factor is measured and displayed to all the players in 3 forms – Green, Yellow, and Red. Having a green colour trust means that the player is in the highest quality matchmaking bracket, yellow lies somewhere in the middle, and red means that the trust of that player is really low.

How to improve Trust Factor in CS:GO?

For all those players that have a medium to low Trust Factor in CS:GO, which means either in the yellow or red category can improve by following the steps mentioned below,

  • Be a positive member of both the CS:GO and the Steam community.

  • Continue playing CS:GO and other Steam games in a legit manner.

  • Maintaining a healthy rank in CS:GO.

  • Linking your Steam account with a phone number for Prime Matchmaking makes a pretty significant difference.

  • Setup your Steam profile in a proper manner.

  • Let go of all the negative traits like being toxic in games, leaving matches, and getting reported frequently.

  • Become an Overwatch Investigator. Enable Overwatch on your CSGO account and inspect matches daily to improve your Trust Level.

  • Request your friends and players you trust to commend your account, this will improve your Trust Factor values slightly.

It has been around 4 years since Trust Factor was implemented by CS:GO to improve their matchmaking experience. Since then it has gone through several changes along with the game itself. Recently, Valve had come forward to reveal that Trust Factor had not been working as intended but the issue had been fixed successfully.

This definitely raised a few eyebrows with the CS:GO matchmaking experience really taking a hard hit. There was a huge community uproar which seems to have settled down for now. But all said and done, it is best to maintain a high or a green trust factor no matter what.

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