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A Recap of Week 4 of the EU DPC Season 2


Week 4 of the EU DPC Season 2 is finally over, and we are now at the final stretch of the DPC League and a step closer to knowing which teams will be attending the Major and possibly even TI with the DPC point allocations. In week 4, we saw some excellent Dota from the EU teams in both Divisions. Entering the week, both top teams of the Divisions were undefeated, but only one of them emerges undefeated still at the end of the week. We saw some teams pull out clutch performances, and some teams disappoint.

Alliance’s undefeated prowess in the Upper Division was toppled in a surprising loss to Brame. Champions of the EU DPC Season 1, Team Secret, are stumbling and losing their grip on their hopes of attending the Major, as they are now fighting for 5-6th place. in the Lower Division remain undefeated this week, not having played a series in the week and will play two series in week 5. Streamer Gorgc and Team Bald Reborn got a crucial win and gained momentum for themselves in the fight for a top-two placement.

Week 4 recap and standings of the 2021 EU DPC Season 2

Upper Division

The Upper Division of the EU DPC saw a series of disappointments and clutch team performances this week. In an unexpected turn of events, top team Alliance stumbled against Brame and conceded their undefeated streak to the bottom two teams. In a surprising series, OG lost to Tundra Esports, who are now out of the bottom two and fighting for 5-6th placement. OG then saved their hopes in a clutch victory against reigning champions Team Secret, soundly defeating them 2-0. Team Secret now fights for 5-6th place alongside Tundra and Brame and has a real chance of ending up in the bottom two teams which would be the ultimate shock.

Hellbear Smashers finish the week firmly in the bottom spot, now with a 0-5 W-L score, and will most likely end the season in the bottom two.

However, the real winner of week 4 was Team Liquid! With their superstar stand-in SumaiL on the mid lane, they have won 3 consecutive series and are now tied with Alliance for the league’s top spot, with both teams having a 4-1 W-L score. And should they perform just as well in their final two series, they could end up taking the ticket straight to the Upper Bracket of the Major.

Lower Division

Lower Division favorites maintain their top spot in the league despite not having played a series this week. Instead, they will play two series in week 5 against Team Bald and Ghost frogs, respectively. Level UP is close behind them in second place, having won against No Bounty Hunter. It is worth noting that only the top two teams of the Lower Division are promoted to the Upper Division, and unlike the Upper Division, the third and fourth places do not secure them a spot at the major or any other thing.

Chicken Fighters, Into The Breach, and No Bounty Hunter make up the middle pack of teams fighting for 5-6th place from which, one team will fall to 7th place to be relegated to Open Qualifiers of the DPC alongside the bottom place team.

Hippomaniacs remain the bottom team with a 0-5 W-L score and have won only one game in all of their series. Their current performance will most likely send them back to the Open Qualifiers.

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The Fifth Week of the EU DPC begins on May 10, 202. Here are some of the series that you might want to watch:

  1. A dominant Team Liquid faces off against a stumbling Team Secret on May 12, 2021.
  2. OG and Team Nigma face off against each other on May 15, 2021. This will be both teams’ first face-off, with both teams sporting new carry players Ana and iLTW, respectively. OG vs Team Nigma has become a kind of El Clasico in the EU region ever since the TI9 finals.
  3. Gorgc and Team Bald Reborn, with the momentum from their wins, will face top spot undefeated team on May 10, 2021. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.