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Valorant Replication Mode: What is Riot Games Teasing?


Valorant’s Replication mode was recently teased and data miners along with the community are already putting together the pieces. Replication mode is set to be Valorant’s new game mode which is expected to release in Episode 2 Act 3. There have already been two limited-time modes including Snowball Fight and Escalation over the past few months and the game is set to get its third game mode in the coming weeks. Community members have already figured out how Valorant’s Replication mode will work and here is everything you need to know about it.

Valorant Replication Mode: How It Works

While there are no official details on how the upcoming Replication mode in Valorant works, Riot Games put out teasers that indicate what to expect from the mode. In the 12-second video that Riot posted, we can see 12 Brimstone smokes throughout the A Site on Breeze. Perhaps it will be a mode where all players will be locked into the same agent similar to the One For All mode in Riot Games’ MOBA title League of Legends.

There could be some interesting strategies in Valorant if you could have more than one copy of the same agent in a team, but a full team consisting of the same agent can lead to utter mayhem. While Riot Games’ shooter is proven to be a great esports title all around, there is a lack of “casual” game modes where players can kick back and relax. It is unknown if the upcoming mode will be a limited-time addition to the game like Snowball Fight or if it will be added as a permanent game mode.

While the mode sounds fun in theory, it can feel a little frustrating with so many flashes in the game. It will be interesting to see how Riot Games manages to balance the mode and what kind of restrictions are in place when it comes to ability usage for certain agents.

Valorant Replication Mode: Release Date

While there is no confirmed release date just yet, Riot Games usually does not tease its content releases too far ahead of time. With Valorant patch 2.09 expected to go live later this month, the new game mode could be out along with Patch 2.09, later in May 2021.

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