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Ceb Speaks About Ana’s Hilarious Reactions In-Game


Ceb provided OG fans with a humorous representation of how their carry player, ana, communicates in-game. After OG’s 2-0 victory over Team Secret in a thriller in the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, stated that Anathan “ana” Pham hardly talks in full sentences while inside a game and only communicates through funny instinctive reactions like – Oh, Aah and Hiss, each having a different connotation. In addition, while talking about OG’s current mindset, Ceb mentioned that they were not worried about their chances of directly qualifying for TI10 and were ready to pave a way through regional qualifiers as well.

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OG Ceb explains how ana communicates with Ohs and Aahs in-game

The OG vs Team Secret Dota 2 battle in the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division on May 9, 2021, was a splendid contest as it involved some of the most enthralling moments in the entire tournament.

After the series ended 2-0 in OG’s favor, Ceb came for the post-match winners’ interview where he spoke on several topics. However, the most interesting segment involved him explaining how ana lights up the in-game communication with his hilarious sounds.

“We have what we call the ana panel soundboard because he is not that vocal, he is not gonna write an essay about it.

You have the Oh. The Oh means an unexpected outcome, you guys might wanna look at it. So, Oh means maybe we should go back in.

You have the aah. Aah means like, just get out. Get the runes or something. What else should I give you? This is real by the way…

Then you have the hiss. It means he doesn’t know what is about to come.

So he is like – everybody’s free to interpret what is happening around and make your own decision. But it’s very funny. One day, maybe we should make a soundboard or whatever it is called in English, it would be pretty fun.”

Ceb says OG is not nervous about qualifying for TI10

Considering the team had a rough first DPC season, OG needs to qualify for the Major and then have a great outing there to have chances of receiving a direct invite to TI10. However, Ceb mentioned that his team is not “nervous” about qualifying for TI10. OG is prepared for a TI10 journey via the regional qualifiers as well and also for no TI, Ceb added.

“No, we are not nervous about it all. We are ready for whatever comes. If we have to go through qualifiers, we will go through qualifiers happily. And if we don’t get to TI, we will also survive through this. So, no nervosity on that side.”

Ceb at TI19Ceb and his teammates are known for emerging on top when their backs are against the wall.

Image Via Valve
OG had been outdone by Tundra Esports in their previous series in the tournament, an outcome that the community had not expected. Talking about what they had been doing wrong and how OG had rediscovered their mindset and playstyle in the series against Secret, Ceb said,

“I do think that we learned a lot from our last series (2-1 loss against Tundra Esports). We realized that there were sequences of the series where we definitely didn’t play like ourselves. We did identify that some of it came from – I wouldn’t say it to be the pressure of the moment – but we just had expectations that we shouldn’t have. We probably thought that we would be winning some of these games, not because of the opponent but mostly Dota wise, we should be winning this game and that feeling just doesn’t suit us well. I think we enjoy being freer – to throw the game if we feel like throwing.

Tonight was true OG Dota, we just let it all out. We were just completely free in how we played and it turned out to much better than the last series.”

OG is currently placed at the third spot in the points table of the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. Their next series in the league is on May 16, 2021, against Team Nigma.

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