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All the Banter from the OG vs Team Secret Series: Twitter Battle


The OG vs Team Secret series in the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division lived up to its expectations as Dota 2 fans experienced one of the most breathtaking contests of 2021. While this real battle ended in OG’s favor as they won the series 2-0, there was a concurrent brawl going on between the two teams on Twitter. The Twitter handles of OG and Team Secret were spot on with their meme game as they relentlessly poked fun at each other. There were numerous jokes on in-game plays, 322s, fountain diving, clutch moments, TI form, and more. Here is a compilation of some of the best tweets that OG and Team Secret made during and after their epic DPC Season 2 series.

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Compilation of the OG vs Team Secret Twitter Banter from 2021 DPC Season 2

Game 1:

Saksa had undoubtedly been the MVP of the first game as he had landed flawless Hookshots and Power Cogs to lock down enemy heroes. As OG was about to close the first game, Saksa had again impressed with another splendid Hookshot into Cogs near the enemy Fountain which led to the ‘Fountain Diving’ joke.

The first game had several moments where the team in the driver’s seat had lost control because of some risky plays. Team Secret adequately compared it to the 322

Post Game 1:

After the loss in game 1, OG trolled Secret’s ‘TI form.’

Game 2:

In Game 2, in a crucial fight, Ana’s Phantom Lancer survived at 1 HP after a long drawn-out teamfight. This may have pissed off Team Secret who lamented their misfortune to Icefrog.

Interestingly, there were a number of other moments in the game where OG players had close shaves where their players got away with very low hp. Team Secret had a theory on why this was happening.

Post Series:

After Ana dove fountain and killed all of Team Secret, its Twitter handle finally accepted the loss and started hurting itself in confusion.

Having lost the series 2-0, Secret’s Twitter handle had no option but to troll their team.

OG’s Twitter handle was relentless, continuing to troll Team Secret and were making jokes about settling in their new home.

Finally, Team Secret’s Twitter handle turned on captain Puppey, stating that he could be ‘Agent P.’

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Certainly, both teams had gone berserk on social media as they constantly threw puns at each other and joked around. While it was a treat to watch the two teams battle it out, a subsequent social media banter was also worth the read. It will be time now before OG and Team Secret face again. If both teams manage to qualify for the next Major, there is a chance of them clashing again – both on and off-field. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.