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Quincy Crew trounce 4Zoomers 2-0 in Upper Division match-up


Quincy Crew absolutely stomped the 4 Zoomers in their Upper Division matchup. Quincy Crew took a convincing 2-0 win and remain undefeated in the Upper DIvision of the NA DPC Season 2 alongside Team Undying and E.G who are also undefeated. Quincy Crew easily took the first game on the backs of mid-laner Quinn on the Bristleback who played the game flawlessly. Quincy secured the second game and the win in the second game, taking advantage of 4 Zoomer’s weak draft and capitalizing on the momentum from their first win. With this win, Quincy Crew is firmly poised to take the first place finish for the rest of the season. 4 Zoomers on the other hand need to pull a miracle for a shot at going to the Major.

Quincy Crew remain undefeated in the NA DPC defeating 4 Zoomers 2-0 in their matchup


Game 1 was an absolute bloodbath that was decided early on in the game. At minute six Quincy Crew mid-laner Quinn on the Bristleback found an Arcane rune in the top side of the river with which he went straight into 4 Zoomer’s triangle where 4 Zoomer’s had prepared multiple stacks for their carry Sven. Quinn then proceeded to farm all of the stacks with LoA on the Elder Titan by his side. 4 Zoomer’s mid-laner Gunnar on the Void Spirit attempted to put a stop to Quinn but ended up dying which left Quincy Crew with a massive 3k gold advantage at six minutes into the game. It quickly snowballed from there and Quinn proceeded to completely destroy the enemy team.

Game 2 saw 4 Zoomers pick extremely greedy cores of Faceless Void carry and Nature’s Prophet mid, both of whom require extreme amounts of time and farm to come online with only a heavily countered Timbersaw to provide space for the farming cores. Quincy Crew clinically struck hard while 4 Zoomers were unprepared to face them and handled the Timbersaw easily with their Viper hard counter-pick. Inevitably 4 Zoomer’s greed backfired and they lost the game.

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Here are some highlights of the series

While Quincy Crew looks to further their lead in the Upper Division on May 13, 2021 against SADBOYS, the 4 Zoomers will fight to get to the top four in their matchup against simply TOOBASED on May 16, 2021.

Interview: Quincy Crew player “MSS” talks about missing the Singapore Major and his communication with the team

When asked about his absence from the Singapore Major, if it frustrated him, and if he communicated with the other players while they had to play without him, this is what Quincy Crew player MSS had to say:

“I was occasionally saying stuff on our WhatsApp group but I pretty much didn’t communicate with them while they were in the Major, I didn’t have much input in anything. And it really sucked. It sucks because I’m just sitting at home and the team should do a lot better, I know we’re better than this, and I wanted to see what we could have done if we had the full roster.” blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.