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How To Kill Roshan at Level 1 in Patch 7.29C


Killing Roshan at level 1 has always been a prevalent practice in the Dota 2 ecosystem. With the changes to the heroes, economy, the landscape, and the items introduced by various patches, new strategies and hero combos emerge to take down Roshan at level 1. In 2021 and the current patch, 7.29c, one of the most effective ways to kill Roshan at level 1 is by picking a lineup comprising Pangolier, Shadow Fiend, Snapfire, Bristleback, and Weaver. The strategy is quite easy to execute, and since Roshan can be pierced even before the horn blows, a team can finish taking him down as the clock is nearing the 0-minute mark. Here is an explanation of how to kill Roshan at level 1 in Patch 7.29C.

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Guide on Killing Roshan at level 1 in Patch 7.29C

Dota 2 commentator and analyst Robson “TeaGuvnor” Merritt popularized this strategy on the DreamLeague stream of the 2021 DPC Season. Here is how the popular Dota 2 analyst recommends taking down Roshan at level 1 in Patch 7.29C.

  1. Pick Weaver, Shadow Fiend, Bristleback, Pangolier, and Snapfire.
  2. For level 1, skill ‘The Swarm’ on Weaver, ‘Presence of the Dark Lord’ on Shadow Fiend, ‘Viscous Nasal Goo’ on Bristleback, ‘Lucky Shot’ on Pangolier, and ‘Lil’ Shredder’ on Snapfire.
  3. Smoke and proceed to the Roshan pit and start hitting him. Bristleback can keep spamming Goo while Snapfire and Weaver can use their spells whenever they are off cooldown. Two healing salves are required for the melee heroes – one for Bristleback and one for Pangolier.
  4. Remember to keep the three Ranged heroes away from the creature’s melee range to prevent him from slamming.
  5. It will take around 50 seconds to bring the Roshan from 100 to 0. Everyone in the team will get 135 gold, while the player that secures the last hit gets a random amount between 200 and 290 gold.

Here are how the items on each hero look after executing this play.

Level 1 Roshan in 2021 itemsOnly the two Healing Salves for Bristleback and Pangolier have been consumed.

Screegrab Via TeaGuvnor’s tweet
This is the video demonstrating the level 1 Roshan strategy. TeaGuvnor has also explained the additional benefits of this trick which potentially increase its efficacy.

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Other hero combos that include characters like Ursa and Nature’s Prophet can also work in the practice of killing Roshan at level 1. While we witnessed the level 1 tier-1 tower strategy being displayed in a DPC series between SAG and Team Aster, it will be intriguing to see if DPC teams try to imitate the level 1 Roshan strategy as well, considering the decent perks it possesses. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.