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How To Get League Of Legends Drops From Esports Streams


Drops or watch rewards for LoL esports streams were first given out by Riot Games in the 2020 Summer Split for the LCS and LEC. Players could get drops in the form of poro cards which represent a unique, sometimes exclusive reward. These cards are triggered by in-game or in-broadcast events and provide at minimum a small amount of Blue Essence. Epic plays and other rare in-game moments like a pentakill may trigger bigger rewards such as Hextech chests and keys, skin shards, summoner icons, and Clash tickets. Players can earn these by watching live matches on the official League of Legends esports page. Make sure you are logged in to with your League of Legends account and have signed up to receive the rewards.

When do drops happen?

When certain situations occur in a game, such as a Baron draw, a pentakill or a series of Silver Scrapes worthy teamfights, a drop is likely to appear. Drop cards appear randomly during LEC broadcasts and can have four different rarity levels, namely Epic, Legendary, Mythic, or Ultimate. Players rewards include as skin shards, chromas, prestige points, icons, Hextech chests and keys, and Clash tickets. Here were some of the rewards given out during The Commish bingo during the 2020 LCS Summer Split.

How do I opt-in for LoL esports watch rewards?

Players may have Watch Rewards already set up or may need to opt into rewards and watch live games on Log in with your League of Legends account details on and navigate to rewards. Here click on the ‘Start Earning’ button and you’ll be all set.

rewards tabMake sure you enable drops and rewards by logging in to the LoL Esports website. | Source: Riot Games

To check if your watch rewards and missions are set up, navigate to the stream and click the rewards button.

MSI GameCheck the status of your rewards in the stream. | Source: Riot Games

What do I do when I see a drop?

Here is what to do when you see League of Legend drops on esports streams:

Step 1: During the stream look for the drop and click on the small notification which comes up on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: You’ll see instructions on how you can get the reward.

Step 3: After completion, visit the Drops tab at

If for some reason you miss the notification, you can head to the Drops tab on the Lol esports rewards webpage and claim it there.

Drops exampleYou’ll be able to see all your drops on the Rewards tab of the LoL Esports website. | Source: Reddit / Villifraendi

In-game loot is directly delivered to your inventory within 24 hours. Note that LoL Esports drops only work for live games in selected regions or for global events, not VoDs or Rebroadcasts. In the Missions tab of the rewards page, players will be able to see any of the missions they need to complete for certain rewards which are also available in-game. As you complete them, you can keep a track of your progress.

missions dropThe Missions tab will also show you recently completed missions. | Source: Riot Games

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Why am I not getting drops?

If you’re not making progress, or think you should be getting loot drops but are not, walk through this checklist:

  • Check that you’re logged in on the LoL Esports webpage.
  • Make sure you’re watching a live game on the official LoL Esports streaming page.
  • Check that you’ve opted into Rewards for your account
  • Watch a stream for at least 15 minutes before going to any other webpage
  • Try disabling your ad-blocker and watching for 15 minutes
  • Make sure you’re not switching between stream providers often during a match.
  • Make sure you’ve enabled LoL Esports notifications on the settings page.

If you’ve done all this and you’re still having issues, submit a ticket by going here and Riot Games will take a look.

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