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Apex Legends Locked Bug is Being Fixed By Respawn


Apex Legends Season 9 is now live, bringing the much-awaited new legend Valkyrie to the game. However, with her came also many bugs and server issues. Players are facing long server queues as players flock to Apex Legends to try out Valkyrie. Those who manage to get into a game were also facing issues like the legends locked bug. The legends locked bug/character locked bug doesn’t let players choose unlocked legends, restricting them to the base game legends. Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends first tweeted out about being aware of the issue, and is still attempting to fix the locked bug along with other server issues.

Respawn finally fixes Apex Legends locked bug

Respawn first tweeted out about server issues plaguing Apex Legends on May 4, 2021.

Players were unable to get on to servers because of a large number of players logging on to play the new legend Valkyrie and new three-versus-three arena mode. Within a couple of hours, Respawn was able to fix the server issues. However, due to high demand in the marketplace for Valkyrie and the Valkyrie bundle and other new content in the Season 9 update, players were encountering the legends locked bug. There was no quick fix for the locked characters bug since there was nothing users could do on their end.

Respawn later resolved the locked bug as well as other inventory, store, and Battle pass issues on their end.

The developer later thanked players for being patient with them and declared Apex Legends: Legacy live.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends players continue to encounter the legends locked bug. Respawn is yet to completely fix this issue.

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Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy update

The new season of Apex Legends called Legacy brought with it a brand new legend, changes to the Olympus map, the new Bocek Bow, Arenas the new 3v3 mode, a new Battle Pass, and new cosmetics.

Olympus and bowThe changes to Olympus and the new Bocek Bow. | Source: EA

Here are all the new items included in the Battle Pass.

The new update also featured major tweaks to legends Lifeline and Horizon. Lifeline’s Combat Revive no longer deploys a shield but she can now revive two players at the same time. Her D.O.C. Heal Drone has been buffed with increases to the healing rate and 33% decreased deployment time. Her Care Package cooldown has also been reduced from six minutes to five. Horizon got a huge nerf this patch with EGravity Lift’s increased cooldown (from 15s to 20s) speed reduced by 30%, as well as reduced side-to-side acceleration. The developers also limited the time you can spend on top of Gravity Lift to 2 seconds. Horizon’s abilities can also now get zapped by Wattson pylons. Eight other legends are also getting updates including Crypto, Bloodhound, Octane, Loba, Fuse, and Bangalore. Read more about the patch update here.

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Edit: An earlier version of the article stated that the bug was fixed by Respawn. However, players have reported that they continue to face this issue. The article has been modified accordingly. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.