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Wild Rift Kha’Zix Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes


Kha’Zix is an assassin champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift that evolves and gains new abilities as he levels up. Each of his evolutions can help him in a lot of situations especially when taking down targets who are alone. The downside of this is, you can’t use this champion in his full potential until he is fully evolved which would take time and effort. If he is behind in levels and items, you’re in big trouble. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Kha’Zix Build Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Wild Rift Kha’Zix build and guide on how to play him efficiently in Wild Rift.

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Pros and Cons of Kha’Zix in Wild Rift

Kha’Zix is a very powerful and mobile champion in the game. He has decent burst damage, even more, powerful once you evolve his 1st skill “Taste Their Fear.” He can easily one-shot unsuspecting marksmen especially during the late game where he is fully evolved. However, he suffers really hard if he is behind in levels and items that it’s almost impossible to recover. He is also very weak against champions with a lot of crowd control effects.

Wild Rift Kha'Zix Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Kha’Zix Champion Preview

If you enjoy spamming champions that has carry potential until you reach a certain rank, you can rely on Kha’Zix to help you achieve your goal.

What are Kha’Zix’s Abilities?

Khazix has a lot to offer on the table, here is a summary of his abilities in LoL WR;

Passive: Unseen Threat

Enhances his next attack to deal additional magic damage and slow enemies for 2 seconds. The passive refreshes when enemies lose sight of Kha’Zix.

You can use this passive as a dictator on whether enemies can still see you or not. If the passive refreshes immediately, it means you’re an unseen threat.

1st Skill: Taste Their Fear

Slashes enemies with his claws to deal physical damage. If the target is isolated (No allies around him), the damage is increased by 110%

Evolution: Attack range is increased by 50% and cooldown is reduced by 45% on isolated targets.

This is your main assassination tool. If possible, always isolate your enemies to maximize the damage.

2nd Skill: Void Spike

Fire spikes deal physical damage and heal Khazix if he is within the explosion.

Evolution: Fires two additional spikes and slows enemies by 60% for 2 seconds.

This will help you survive in the jungle. Always make sure all spikes will hit an enemy to maximize its healing power.

3rd Skill: Leap

Leaps to a target area and deal physical damage.

Evolution: Gain 250 range. Leap’s cooldown resets upon champion takedowns.

A very simple yet useful skill. You can leap through walls and catch enemies off guard or escape through bad situations.

Ultimate: Void Assault

  • Passive: Each rank of Void Assault will allow Kha’Zix to evolve one of his abilities.
  • Active: Becaoms invisible and gain 40% movement speed. Void Assault can be cast again within 10 seconds.

Evolution: Invisibility duration is increased and can now be cast up to three times.

This allows you to surprise enemies. However, if they activate the oracle lens, it will reveal you and alert them which may lead to you getting killed.

Wild Rift Kha’Zix: Best Build

Wild Rift Kha'Zix Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Kha’Zix Best Build Overview

Yuumuu’s Ghostblade

This item gives a decent stat boost and a special active that grants the champion increased movement and attack speed.

Gluttonous Greaves with Quicksilver Enchant

The boots will provide additional physical and magical vamp. The quicksilver enchant will help you immediately remove crowd control effects.

Duskblade of Draktharr

This item will give you a slight boost of armor penetration. If you are unseen for at least 1 second, your next attack will deal bonus physical damage and slows your target for a few seconds. Ranged attacks don’t slow the target so you need to use melee attacks to active it.

Black Cleaver

This item shreds your target’s armor and can stack up to 6 times. Dealing damage to an enemy will also grant the champion bonus movement speed which is very useful for chasing down targets.

Death’s Dance

This item not only gives a bonus physical vamp but also converts 30% of the damage received as a bleeding effect. This means Kha’Zix has more chances of surviving burst damages.

Guardian Angel

A staple late game item for almost all champions. Whenever Kha’Zix is in critical health, he gets resurrected with half of his HP back.

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Wild Rift Kha’Zix: Best Runes


You will be spamming a lot of skills which makes this rune very useful. Every third attack on an enemy champion, they get electrocuted and receive bonus damage.

Gathering Storm

Since this champion shines bright during the late game, you should be bringing this rune with you. This gives bonus adaptive damage to the champion the longer the match is.

Spirit Walker

This simply gives him bonus health and slow resistance.


This allows you to deal more damage against epic monsters and turrets. Very useful for jungle champions who will be staying in the jungle for long periods of time.

Wild Rift Kha'Zix Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Kha’Zix works well as a jungle champion.

Wild Rift Kha’Zix: Best Summoner Spells


As a jungle champion in LoL WR, you will always need to bring Smite. However, the smite has a penalty of gaining less gold and XP if you use it in other lanes so don’t even think about bringing it if you are not playing as the jungler.


An alternate for champions who don’t play in the jungle. Only choose between Smite and Ignite, don’t bring both.


This allows you to close the gap between escaping champions or escape from them when you’re in a bad position. Flash is the most important spell for every champion. Almost every game, you will need this spell.

That is all you need to know about Kha’Zix, a powerful assassin champion in LoL WR that excels in 1v1 fights or surprise tactics. Keep in mind that Kha’Zix works best against champions who are roaming or farming alone in their lane. In the early game, you don’t want to get caught in a 1v2 situation so you need to position accurately until you can snowball. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Kha’Zix Build Guide can help you master this assassin champion in the game. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.