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[Watch] Easy Smoke and Molotov Lineups for Quick Ancient ‘B-Site’ Execute


Ancient is the latest map to enter the Active Duty Map Pool and despite the news taking the CS:GO community by surprise, players are now busy deciphering the map in every way possible. In an attempt to help out players that are having a tough time entering Ancient’s ‘B-Site’, ‘u/Ollisium’ has come forward with a couple of easy utility lineups to aid them in quickly entering the site. This particular execute will require some amount of coordination between 2 players, throwing a smoke and Molotov each to secure all the angles. The utility lineups used for this execute remains the same across both 64 and 128 tick servers.

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Easy Utility Lineup for Quick ‘B-Site’ Execute on Ancient

The CS:GO community did not take Ancient replacing Train within the competitive map pool all that well. But as more professional players and talents started supporting this move from Valve, along with statistics showing why it might have been the right move to make, players started embracing Ancient.

This was followed by the whole community nerding it out on the map trying to find all sorts of things like, crazy angles to hold, a plethora of utility lineups, discussing the map callouts, spotting out various bugs, and other such things. Amid this chaos some truly useful things were also shared like the easy utility lineups to quickly execute on to Ancient’s tricky ‘B-Site’.

From the clip you can see that this execute is a two man job, requiring some amount of coordination between the players in order to pull it off without any hiccups. Both the players will be throwing a smoke and a Molotov each, but the tough part is that all the utilities will be jump thrown into the site.

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So though the lineups in themselves are easy, a bit of practice will be required so that the execute takes place like clockwork. The smokes thrown will block the vision from the other end, while the Molotov’s will flush out enemy players from the common corners. As soon as the utility hits, the other players can rush into the site, and secure it.

The play can be perfected further with some common flashbangs and this can also be used as a fake if further refined, the possibility at this moment is endless in a map as fresh as Ancient. It will be interesting to see how the map develops over the course of the next few months! blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.