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Blue Supply Bins in Apex Legends Explained


Blue supply bins in Apex Legends show up and if you stumble upon them as a character that is not Lifeline, you will not notice any difference between the usual orange and white blue bins and the blue counterparts. Lifeline has a ‘passive’ ability that allows her to open the blue supply bins in Apex Legends and you get some additional items out of them. These bins are never static and they get randomized into existing bin locations. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know about the blue supply bins in Apex Legends and how to take advantage of them.

How Do Blue Supply Bins in Apex Legends Work?

The biggest difference between orange and blue supply bins is that Lifeline can access the blue ones for extra supplies. Here are some quick facts about the orange supply bins in Apex Legends that you should know about:

  • Only Lifeline can access the extra compartment in blue supply bins in Apex Legends.
  • She can open the extra compartment even if a different non-Lifeline player opens the bin prior.
  • The bins contain higher quality weapon attachments, knockdown shields, and healing items.
  • The blue bins do not have specified spawns.

If you are playing Lifeline and you find a blue supply bin in Apex Legends that is already open. You will get a prompt to open the extra container and get the loot for you and your teammates. The compartments do not spawn weapons.

Blue Supplies Apex Legends

Blue supply bins were added to the game back in Season 4 and they have been a great addition to the game for Lifeline players. Lifeline also received some major changes in the recent Season 9: Legacy patch where her resurrection shield was removed, but she can now revive two teammates at the same time using her companion D.O.C.

Despite the nerf to her res shield, she received significant changes to her kit which make her feel a lot more viable. The healing speed on her health drone is much faster, allowing her to top off her health quicker than ever before. The ultimate cooldown was also reduced by one minute and the supply drops adjust the loot based on what your teammates need. Players will no longer have to worry about getting unnecessary items in the lategame from Lifeline’s ultimate ability. Low profile was also removed from the game which means that you no longer take increased damage from all sources.

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