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MPL PH Season 7 Week 5 Recap: Undefeated Blacklist International Suffers 1st Defeat.


The MPL PH Season 7 Week 5 has concluded with Blacklist International facing its first loss against last year’s defending champions Bren Esports. Aura PH ascended back to its first position in Group A after losing its position to Work Auster Force at the end of Week 4. In Group B, Blacklist International, even after suffering a loss, still remains in the top position. As we move into week 6 of the game, the performance of Cignal Ultra continues to lag behind as they still are yet to win a single match.

Blacklist International and Aura PH still leading the charts at the end of MPL PH Season 7 Week 5

Group A:

The current leaders in Group A seem to be juggling their positions with each other, as Aura PH and Work Auster Force continue to perform exceptionally well. After the end of Week 5, Aura PH secured first place on the table after beating Bren Esports and Nexplay Esports. Following them is Work Auster Force, who also secured a victory against Execration in Week 5 and can still grab a leading position in Group A after Week 6 if they win both their games. Last year’s champion Bren Esports and Onic PH are tied up with 15 points each, at the 3rd and 4th place in the Group Stage table. Meanwhile, Cignal Ultra resides on the bottom of Group A with 0 wins heading into Week 6.

Group A Table.Group A Table.

Game in focus: Bren Esports vs Aura PH.

On 1st May 2021, the game between Bren Esports and Aura PH was amazing. In the first game, Aura PH dominated the flow of the game, and LORD HADESS played amazingly well securing the win over Bren Esports in under 17 min with a 23 to 12 scoreline. In the second game, FlapTzy from Bren Esports outmatched Aura PH with a phenomenal 9-3 performance helping secure a net worth difference of 20k in less than 12 minutes carrying the Bren Esports to victory. The third game was evenly matched between the two teams until LORD HADESS made a play at 12 min mark, wiping out Bren Esports. Aura PH took control of the game and closed it out with a 17 to 10 score in just under 13 min.

Aura PH vs Bren Esports.Aura PH vs Bren Esports.

Group B:

In Group B, Blacklist International is leading the chart and is way ahead of the 2nd placed Omega Esports. The third positioned team of the group is Nexplay Esports. They are followed by Execration in 4th place, who’ve had a disastrous week losing all of their 3 matchups in Week 5. However, the worst-performing team in Group B continues to be Playbook Esports, who still only have 7 points under their name heading in to Week 6.

Group B Table.Group B Table.

Blacklist International suffers its first loss.

On 29th April 2021, In the 2nd match of Week 5, Blacklist International faced defending champion Bren Esports. In the first game, they were equally matched, but Blacklist International’s stable gameplay led them to victory with a 15-11 score under 18 min. In game 2, Bren Esports had a poor start but kept control of the game steady by taking some objectives and creating space for their carry to come online. Bren Esports got a chance at the 21 min mark where they wiped out the Blacklist International and marched straight to the victory finishing the game in under 23 min.

In the third game, Bren Esports showed us why exactly they were crowned as world champions earlier this year, as the defending champions showcased impressive map movements, never gave Blacklist International the space to come online. Bren Esports managed to secure the win over this year’s favorite Blacklist International with a 14-5 score in under 18 minutes.

Bren Esports vs Blacklist International.Bren Esports vs Blacklist International.

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