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Kyle Donates Subs to Team Bald Reborn After They Secure 2-0 Victory


Team Bald Reborn (TBR) looks like they’ve managed to capitalize on the momentum from their first win as they soundly beat Into The Breach (ITB) 2-0. TBR seemed to be in good form in their series against ITB as they seemed to have better communication and control in both Game 1 and 2. Team Bald struggled against Into The Breach’s Lifestealer pick in the first game but managed to recover well and took the game at the end. Team Bald secured their game 2 victory after a flashy play from ‘5up’ on his Rubick, who stole the Magnus Ultimate and reversed the tides for Team Bald.

After the drafting phase of Game 2, the panel mentioned their dislike of the Luna pick for Gorgc into the enemy team’s Troll and Magnus pick, stating they hadn’t seen successful Luna picks. Caster and analyst Kyle, “KeepingItKyle” Freedman, on the casting panel, with similar thoughts, made a bold bet claiming that he would subscribe to all the players’ Twitch channels if Team Bald won the second game. 40 minutes later, Team Bald claimed the win leaving Kyle indebted to subscribe to their channels.

Gorgc and Team Bald get their second win in the Lower Division and win subscriptions from Caster and Analyst Kyle.


Game 1 was a long 56 minute battle of attrition between the two teams. Team Bald’s cores of Razor and Morph struggled to find a footing against Into The Breach’s Lifestrealer and Lesh as both Morph and Razor would get bursted at the start of most fights. However, in the late game fights, ITB took some questionable fights and buybacks which Team Bald quickly took advantage of and managed to seal the game and their favor.

At the beginning of Game 2, Kyle made his bet where he stated that should Team Bald win, he would subscribe to each player’s Twitch channels. His confidence was rightfully placed as Team Bald had Gorgc on the Luna, a carry considered greedy and squishy, against the enemy carry Troll which was further empowered with a Magnus. Into The Breach was in the lead for most of the game with their ‘empowered’ Troll and seemed to be in a good spot until Team Bald won two late-game fights in succession after Gorgc purchased an Ethereal Blade. The game was solidified in the last fight where Team Bald player ‘5up’ on the Rubick managed to steal Magnus’ Reverse Polarity and got a 3-man RP on Into The Breach following which ITB carry player ThugitoO immediately GG’ed and disconnected out, securing the Team Bald victory. via Dreamleague


Here are some highlights of the series:

With this win, Team Bald has entered into the middle pack of teams fighting for third place in the Lower Division consisting of Chicken Fighters, Ghost frogs, No Bounty Hunter, and now Team Bald Reborn.

Team Bald Reborn will face off against undefeated first place holders, on May 10, 2021. Into The Breach, on the other hand, will go up against bottom-ranked team Hippomaniacs on May 8, 2021.

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Postgame interview

Following the victory, Team Bald offlaner Rajjix, in the post-game interview answers a question about the recently popularized Broodmother Offlane picks in the DPC.

When asked what the function of Brood and what the hero’s purpose is in the game he responds:

“Brood feels like the new Beastmaster after the Necrobook removal, she takes a huge chunk of the map, you cannot just go there without a smoke, you cannot go there without having really good heroes or without five-manning. She feels super strong but if it goes after minute 30 or 40, she feels very underwhelming. So if you can handle the hero early on, she feels very underwhelming later on. But if she can get a Mek, Pipe plus one item and finish the game, she is super strong” blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.