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Greevils May Be Coming Back to Dota 2 in a New Spring Event


A new Dota 2 spring event has been on the wishlist of several members of the community ever since various database revelations and rumors have confirmed that it is in the works. Though the exact composition of this spring event has been debated over time, a recent update in Dota 2 files has hinted at it involving the renowned ‘Greevils’ from the Greeviling event. The 2012 Greeviling event was a custom game mode- part of Frostivus 2012 and is similar in lines to the event of Diretide. It was one of the first few unique game modes introduced in the game and old and new Dota 2 fans may be on a treat if it makes a comeback after an 8 years’ hiatus.

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Greevils might be returning to Dota 2 after a long hiatus

A Reddit user, u/WellisCute, shared the game files that hinted at Greevils returning to the game. Various Dota 2 hero abilities were shown to be having a Greevils form in the files.

Greevils Dota 2 filesGreevils’ mention in Dota 2 files

Image Via u/WellisCute

Previously, the Greevils made their way into Dota 2 as part of the Greeviling event.

The Greeviling was based on the normal 5v5 mode and was also played on the default map with some landscape changes. However, in place of the usual aim of the game to take down the enemy Ancient, players competed against each other by killing Greevils which were present around the map in various camps.

The objective was to take the last hit on killing these Greevils who became stronger as the game progressed. The first team to take a total of 11 last hits/points was declared as the winner.

In addition, there were also other exciting aspects of this game mode like the ability for players to switch between their heroes and respective Greevils. This was because players also had their own Greevil, in addition to the various Greevil camps, which served as a secondary hero for them. It had distinct abilities and stats but shared the same level as the player’s original hero.

Both teams – the winners and the losers- received a set of Frostivus gifts at the end of the game mode, which when opened had a “chance of dropping cosmetic items, essences, greevil eggs, or the holiday exclusive Fistful of Snowballs and Pile of Coal.”

There is a possibility of the return of the Greeviling event mode in the form of a spring event considering Valve had recently also revived Diretide. However, we can expect some drastic changes including refined mechanics and more from the game mode.

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A new spring mode, the Spectre Arcana, and a fresh Battle Pass have been some of the most awaited items in Dota 2. While code indicating a spring custom game event and the Spectre Arcana have been spotted by data miners and look to be around the corner, a new Battle Pass still seems like a distant proposition. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.