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Apex Legends Voice Actors: The People Behind the Game’s Much-Loved Characters


Apex Legends’ voice actors have done a fantastic job at lending personality to the entire cast of characters. And if you are an avid gamer, it is likely that you have heard some of the Apex Legends voice actors’ work in other games as well. There are currently 16 legends as well as some other non-playable characters in the Apex Legends/Titanfall universe that are featured in the game. JB Blanc is one of the Apex Legends voice actors who has worked on more than one character from the Apex universe. Here is a look at all the voice actors behind the 16 legends who are in the game right now.

Apex Legends Voice Actors: Season 9

Here are all the Apex Legends voice actors of existing characters as well as upcoming legend Valkyrie.

Valkyrie – Erika Ishii

ValkyrieValkyrie’s voice actor Erika Ishii has worked on numerous games like World of Warcraft, Fallout 76, Last of Us: Part II and more. She currently voices Valkyrie in Apex and Ana Bray in Destiny 2.

Wraith – Shantel VanSanten

ValkShantel VanSanten is an actor who has been a part of shows like The Boys and The Flash. Unlike other Apex Legends voice actors, this was VanSanten’s first time voicing a character in a video game.

Wattson – Justine Huxley

WattsonHuxley has worked on multiple Rockstar Games projects including GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite not being French, she pulls off Wattson’s French accent quite convincingly.

Revenant: Darin de Paul

RevenantDarin de Paul is best known for his role as Reinhardt in Overwatch. He has also worked on Destiny 2, Spiderman and more.

Rampart – Anjali Bhimani

RampartBhimani is also from the Overwatch cast like Darin de Paul where she voices Symmetra. She has also acted in various TV shows including The Sopranos, Grace and Frankie, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and more.

Pathfinder – Chris Edgerly

PathfinderEdgerly is one of the most famous Apex Legends voice actors and he has lent his voice to multiple characters in The Simpsons.

Octane – Nicolas Roye

OctaneRoye has worked on multiple games like Shadow of The Tomb Raider and Cyberpunk 2077. He will also be a part of Halo: Infinite.

Mirage – Roger Craig Smith

MirageSmith has voiced some iconic characters in video games including Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Chris Redfield in Resident Evil and as Sonic the Hedgehog for over a decade.

Loba – Fryda Wolff

WolffWolff has worked on games like Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty and Rage 2. She is fluent in Mexican-Spanish, which helps her voice Loba perfectly.

Lifeline – Mela Lee

LifelineMela Lee is has been a part of Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Masters, Mortal Kombat 11 (as Jade) and more. She has also done voiceover work for TV shows like Avengers Assemble.

Horizon – Elle Newlands

HorizonNewlands voice might not sound familiar if you heard it in Call of Duty, Doom Eternal or Skyrim. She changed her accent for other games but we get to hear her natural Scottish accent in Apex Legends where she plays Horizon.

Gibraltar – Branscombe Richmond

GibraltarRichmond has English, Native American, Native Hawaiian, French, French Polynesian, Spanish, and Portuguese roots and he plays the much-loved South Pacific islander Gibraltar. He has been a part of TV shows and movies but hasn’t been into video games prior to his Apex Legend voice actor’s gig.

Fuse – Ben Prendergast

FuseBen streams the game on Twitch and is an avid Apex fan. He has worked on other games like Star Wars Resistance, 2020 GOTY contender Hades and more. He has also worked on stage for Frontier and Preacher.

Crypto – Johnny Young

CryptoJohnny Young has worked on World War Z and Medal of Honor and he is a popular content creator within the Apex community as well with over 100K subscribers on YouTube.

Caustic (and Blisk) – JB Blanc

CausticJB Blanc has not only voiced Caustic but also Blisk in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends’ cinematics. He played the role of Dr. Barry Goodman in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Bloodhound – Allegra Clark

BloodhoundClark is one of the most famous Apex Legends voice actors with their video game credits including Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, and other popular titles.

Bangalore – Erica Luttrell

BangaloreErica has been a part of multiple triple-A titles like Last of Us: Part II, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and Star Wars: Squadrons. She has acting experience as well and has been featured in Westworld and Salvation.

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