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Apex Legends’ Revenant Heirloom Leaked Ahead of Launch


A new leak revealed Revenant’s heirloom for Apex Legends and it is every bit as intimidating as the character itself. The grim reaper-like character is set to get a scythe, which is by far the largest heirloom melee weapon in the game yet. It is unknown when the Apex Legends Revenant heirloom will be available but it is likely to follow the trend of launching with an in-game event. Heirlooms are very rare to get and if you find 150 heirloom shards, you can save them up for the upcoming heirloom and grab it as soon as it is available for purchase. Here is a look at the upcoming Apex Legends Revenant heirloom.

Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom Overview

Currently, there are only nine heirlooms available for the 17 Legends in the game. Crypto’s heirloom was leaked sometime back and it is expected to launch sometime soon. Apex leaker ‘Shrugtal’ shared Revenant’s heirloom in Apex Legends. It is unknown when the heirloom will be available to purchase.

How to Get The Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom?

There are two ways to get the Revenant Apex Legends Heirloom. He will have his own event either in Season 9: Legacy or in a future season which will allow you to purchase it by unlocking all event items. Here are some quick numbers to help you decide if the heirloom is worth it or not:

  • Cost of 24 Apex Event Packs (guaranteed heirloom): 16800 Apex Coins
  • Cost of two special bundles: 7500 Apex Coins
  • Apex Coins + Price of 12 Bundles: 15900 Apex Coins
  • EA Play Subscription: 10% Discount on Apex Coins

For each Epic or Legendary you craft using crafting materials, you will have to purchase one less event pack.

The cheapest way to get the bundle is to craft as many Epic items as possible and then purchase the remaining packs depending on how many items you need. The special bundles include one skin each and cost a total of 7500 Apex coins which lets you save a total of 900 Apex Coins. Getting an EA Play subscription will allow you to get a 10% discount on your coin purchases which can bring down the cost of getting the heirloom significantly.

The alternative to purchasing the event packs is to open normal Apex Packs which cost 100 Apex coins each and get the Apex Legends Revenant heirloom. Unless you are incredibly lucky, the “pity timer” for 150 heirloom shards is 500 Apex packs. If you are close to 500 Apex packs opened on your account and do not have an heirloom yet, you can purchase the remaining packs to unlock the heirloom.

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