Dragon disqualified from Lower Division of China DPC Season 2


Chinese Dota 2 team, Dragon has been disqualified from the Lower Division of China 2021 DPC Season 2 after they were confirmed to be using an unauthorized stand-in in their series against Xtreme Gaming. The team did not have spectacular results before the incident placed in the bottom two with a 0-5 W-L score. All their played and remaining series have defaulted to a 2-0 loss with the disqualification. As a result, their eligibility to participate in the China DPC has been voided.

Dragon disqualified from the China DPC on May 3 during their series against Xtreme Gaming

Dragon was disqualified from the DPC on May 3 during their series against Xtreme Gaming. The teams were already eight minutes into the first game when the game was paused by Xtreme Gaming due to unknown reasons. A few minutes into the pause it was stated that “Due to a player violation from Dragon in Dragon vs Xtreme Gaming today, Dragon is assessed a default loss and Xtreme Gaming proceed with the 2-0 series victory.” with more info to be revealed at a later time. After a few hours, the host of the DPC, Perfect World Esports, followed up the incident with the following tweet.

Dragon’s progress and position in the DPC is canceled with this disqualification. The Season will proceed with the remaining teams in a seven-team table and only the seventh spot team to be relegated to the open qualifiers.

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This incident is not the first of its kind and adds to many previous disqualifications. Several other teams have previously been disqualified from the DPC:

  1. NA Lower Division team “It’s Okay” was disqualified from Season 1 for competing in other DPC regions with alternate accounts. As per the rules, their score also defaulted to losses.
  2. SA Lower Division team “0-900” was disqualified from the regional league after it was discovered that one of their players was betting on league matches which, being against the rules, resulted in the team being disqualified. Their opponents were defaulted wins and their position rendered void.
  3. Dreamleague EU Season 1 Lower Division team “Burjui” requested to officially replace one of their players after using a substitute for the maximum allowance of four matches per season, stating medical reasons and provided a medical document of a positive COVID-19 test result. In an investigation due to conflict of information, the positive COVID-19 test result was inspected and its authenticity checked, and it was discovered that the document was forged. As a result, the team was disqualified and all of their matches voided.

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