Wild Rift Corki Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes


This League of Legends: Wild Rift Corki build guide will help you be familiar with the champion’s abilities, and what items and runes to take. Corki is one of the most unique champions in the game that can deal both attack and magic damage. He also offers a decent wave clear and an armor shred to increase your damage against enemies. He is definitely one of the safest picks for Mid or Dragon Lane. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Corki build guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Wild Rift Corki build and guide on how to play him efficiently in LoL WR.

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Pros and Cons of Corki in Wild Rift

Corki has decent mobility but not as great as other marksman champions in the game. However, he makes up for it with his amazing poke potential. He may be a bit weak in the early game, but he can shine best during the mid and late-game once he already has his core items.

Wild Rift Corki Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Corki is a flexible marksman champion.

If you want a champion that can be flexible in terms of damage, you can start practicing on how to play Corki in LoL WR.

What are Corki’s Abilities?

Corki has a lot to offer on the table. Here is a quick summary of his abilities;

Passive: Hextech Munitions

  • Hextech Shrapnel: Attacks deal bonus attack damage as well as magic damage.
  • The Package: A package will be delivered to Corki’s base that he can pick up and gain a new ability called “Special Delivery” and receive a movement speed bonus that lasts for 60 seconds. The package arrives every 160 seconds.

This is what makes Corki a very flexible champion. You can also grab a package and gain a movement speed boost to reach your lane fast.

1st Skill: Phosphorus Bomb

Fire a bomb that deals magic damage and granting vision to that area.

A very simple skill. This can be used to poke opponents or check dark areas at a safe distance.

2nd Skill: Valkyrie

Corki dashes forward, leaving a burning trail that deals magic damage.

Special Delivery: Enemies will be knocked aside and receive magic damage while also being slowed by 90%.

This is more useful for clearing waves. However, if you have the package with you, you can apply a slow effect on enemies making them easier to attack.

3rd Skill: Gatling Gun

Fires a Gatling gun and deal magic damage and shred armor and magic resistance.

This is very useful as it can reduce your opponents’ armor and magic resistance, allowing you to deal even more damage.

Ultimate: Missile Barrage

Fires a missile, dealing magic damage. Every third missile fired will deal more magic damage and has enhanced range and blast radius.

You can use this to clear enemy waves fast or poke enemies as its cooldown is just 2 seconds.

Wild Rift Corki: Best Build

Wild Rift Corki Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Wild Rift Corki item builds preview.

Trinity Force

Also known as the Tri-Force, this item offers a ton of stats boost and a unique passive that increases your movement speed and increases your attacks to deal bonus damage after casting a skill.

Gluttonous Greaves with Quicksilver Enchant

These pair of boots give him bonus physical and magical vamp. Very useful as Corki deals both magical and physical damage. The Quicksilver enchant will allow you to remove any crowd control effects on you and escape sticky situations.


Corki needs a lot of mana to sustain himself. This item will allow him to increase his maximum mana and poke enemies more.

Static Shiv

This amplifies the critical rate even further, allowing Corki to deal consistent crit damage. The item also gives bonus movement and attack speed.

Guardian Angel

Despite the item nerf, it is still a decent late-game item for every marksman. Whenever Corki is in critical health, he gets resurrected with half of his HP back.

Death’s Dance

This item not only gives a bonus physical vamp but also converts 30% of the damage Corki receives as a bleeding effect. This means you have more chances of surviving burst damages.

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Wild Rift Corki: Best Runes


You will be spamming a lot of skills which makes this rune very useful. Every third attack on an enemy champion, they get electrocuted and receive bonus damage.

Gathering Storm

Since this champion shines bright during the late game, you should be bringing this rune with you. This gives bonus adaptive damage to the champion the longer the match is.

Spirit Walker

This simply gives him bonus health and slow resistance.

Hunter Genius

This reduces your skill cooldowns every time you get a unique champion takedown.

Wild Rift Corki Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Corki relies on consistent poking of enemies to dominate his lane.

Wild Rift Corki: Best Summoner Spells


This allows you to close the gap between escaping champions or escape from them when you’re in a bad position. Flash is the most important spell for every champion. Almost every game, you will need this spell.


You’ll be chasing down or dueling champions most of the time. Ignite will help you reduce their healing power and slowly deal burning damage to them if they are very low on health

That is all you need to know about Corki, a very flexible marksman champion in LoL Wild Rift. Keep in mind that Corki may deal a lot of damage but he still lacks mobility. If he gets stuck in a bad situation, most likely, he will die, so proper positioning is very important. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Corki Build Guide can help you master this marksman champion in the game.

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