Streamer Gets an Ace in Valorant With A Drawing Tablet Controller


A lot of streamers take up funky challenges in games and Valorant is no different. Streamer ‘Star_Rain’ decided to play Valorant using a drawing tablet and he managed to get an ace with his setup. What’s even more impressive is that he was in a 1v4 situation and he managed to secure the round win for his team. He managed to get a last-second kill on the enemy Raze and despite dying, he got the first kill in the trade which meant his team got the win. While it is common to see players use console controllers in FPS games as a challenge, Star_Rain getting a clutch ace is a rarity to see.

Why Was Star_Rain Using A Pen Controller

Star_Rain was using a pen controller with a drawing tablet as a casual channel. He shared the details of his setup on his stream. He revealed that he uses the pen for shooting and aiming purposes while his left hand uses the other controls. Streamers like to take up such challenges but it doesn’t usually go as well as Star_Rain’s impressive Ace.

Star_Rain uses his pen controller regularly with his drawing tablet in Valorant and other games. In the clip that was shared on Reddit, he is seen in a 1v4 situation and he takes out Jett immediately, who doesn’t even react to Star_Rain killing him from the flank. Star_Rain proceeded to take out the enemy Sova using one of Skye’s abilities as a distraction and then he clinically takes out the enemy Skye as well. However, things got a little murky with Raze launching her ultimate rocket at him. Star_Rain managed to get the final kill before dying to the rocket and secured the Ace for his team.

Even though the game has controller support and you can map all of your controls to any Windows-compatible controller, it is very difficult to use them effectively as the game is not optimized for controllers, unlike other cross-platform titles which are available on PC. Riot Games might add better controller support in the future if the game comes to consoles.

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