Has Valve Started Permanently Banning Steam Accounts for Boosting CS:GO Ranks?


Valve seems to have “permanently disabled” a user’s Steam account, because it was “identified as having its CS:GO Skill Group and profile level falsely increased through CS:GO matchmaking”. This information was conveyed by Valve via an official Steam Support message, following a “forgot my password” request by the user. The community applauded this move by the developer, having slammed them just a few days back for not having properly fixed the ‘Trust Factor’ system. This may also be the first time in recent memory when Valve has taken such action against a user, declaring that the account “will not be enabled in the future”.

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Valve Blocks Steam Account For Boosting CS:GO Ranks

Valve recently struck a massive blow to a user by permanently blocking their steam account for having falsely boosted both its CS:GO rank and profile level. The information came to light when ‘u/TarOfficial’ posted a photo of an official Steam Support message, from Valve to the blocked user, stating that:

“The account you are writing in for was identified as having its CS:GO Skill Group and profile level falsely increased through CS:GO matchmaking. We do not support the boosting of CS:GO Skill Groups or profile levels, and as a result, the account has been permanently disabled and will not be enabled in the future.”

Having stated the above, Valve also made it clear that no amount of proof or persuasion from the user’s side will be entertained as they go on to inform the user that,

“The lock on this account is permanent and we cannot help you further with this. Please note you will not receive another reply about this issue and we will not be re-enabling the account.”

The reason behind banning the user’s Steam account permanently for having boosted both its CS:GO rank and profile level falsely, was also provided by the developers.

“Most often, accounts with their Skill Group boosted through false matchmaking are then sold or traded to other Steam users. The buying, selling, or trading of Steam accounts violates the Steam Subscriber Agreement, and if you purchased or traded this account we do not recommend doing this forward. Any account that is bought, sold, or traded may be permanently disabled for account sharing in addition to Skill Group boosting.”

Valve has previously banned a few Steam accounts linked to having boosted ranks in Dota 2 and seems to have started doing the same for CS:GO as well. The developers in the last week have come forward to acknowledge that there was indeed a problem with the ‘Trust Factor’ in CS:GO and that they have taken steps to fix it. Now, with them coming forward and directly combating boosters also, the future of Counter-Strike looks slightly better.

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