Apex Legends Arenas: Best Weapons You Should Choose in Early Rounds


The best weapons in Apex Legends Arenas are likely to be the ones that offer the best value for your credits. With a new currency system being added similar to Valorant, you will not be able to get your favorite weapons right at the start of the game. The best weapons in Apex Legends Arenas are meant to offer you the right mix of lethality and close to medium range combat. It is likely that Respawn Entertainment will change the pricing of the weapons over time to ensure the mode is balanced and we will update this article to reflect the changes if their ratings change. Here are the best weapons in Apex Legends arenas based on their pricing.

Best Weapons in Apex Legends Arenas – Loadouts Under 750 Materials

Apex Legends Arenas weapon pricesVolt + EVA-8 (BEST LOADOUT): The Volt and EVA-8 combo is likely going to be one of the most popular options. Both of these options are among the best weapons in Apex Legends arenas because of how effective they are currently. While the Peacekeeper is coming to dethrone the EVA as the number one ground loot shotgun in the game, EVA’s budget pricing and the Volt’s lethality go hand in hand. You do miss out on range with this loadout but it is worth going for.

Wingman + EVA-8: If you are skilled with the Wingman, you might want to pick it up. Even though the Skullpiercer is going away, it is heading a headshot damage bonus which will help it retain its lethality. If you have one of the legendary skins for the Wingman, you can aim with the iron sights pretty easily. The default skin model on the Wingman can be a bit clunky to use if you are not used to the weapon without an HCOG.

R301 + P2020: The 301 is going to be one of the best weapons in Apex Legends Arenas. The gun is able to cover all ranges fairly well and it is the go-to option for a lot of players. The P2020 is getting a damage buff and if you find yourself out of ammo in the mag on your R301, you can quickly clean up enemies with the buffed P2020. You do miss out on Hammerpoint Rounds but the damage buff should still make the P2020 a decent sidearm in close range.

Alternator + Mozambique (BEST BUDGET LOADOUT): This is a great budget loadout as it costs only 400 credits to get. The alternator is one of the best weapons in Apex Legends and while it may not be as good as the R301 or R99 in the light ammo slot, it is a decent SMG to use in the early game as your opponents won’t have fully kitted weapons in the early rounds.

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