Dr Disrespect Talks About the Differences Between Apex Legends and Warzone


Dr Disrespect drew some comparisons between Warzone and Apex Legends on April 30 on stream, where he talked about the biggest difference between the two battle royale games. He currently streams only battle royales with the exception of Valorant and he talked about why Apex Legends’ shooting feels so off. He talked about how different the movement in Apex is, with its unrealistic glides when aiming compared to Warzone. He also talked about how EA’s shooter has far less recoil, making the gameplay significantly different from Warzone’s more realistic shooting mechanisms.

Dr Disrespect Compares Movement and Gunplay of Apex Legends and Warzone

The related segment starts at 35:15

Dr Disrespect said on stream that “there’s something about Apex. It’s different, like, Warzone you’ve got the slide canceling, slide canceling, the movement, and everything. Apex, it just throws me off. It’s like these longer, gliding slides. It’s interesting. It feels different to me, I don’t know why. The aiming and everything feels different to me.”

He also talked about how Apex Legends has lower recoil on its weapons and the shooting does not feel real. But he did add that he has not played Apex in a while and he may be no up to speed with any recent changes to the gameplay. Apex recently hit the 100 million players milestone and it is launching a new game mode dubbed “Arenas” which will introduce a 3v3 mode within the game on May 4.

Dr Disrespect Does Not Want to Stream Apex Legends Anymore

In another stream from April, someone donated and asked the streamer if he will play Apex Legends again. The streamer admitted that it is not something that he plans to do because the YouTube viewership for the game is not big enough to warrant streaming it. He said “I mean I can, but the problem with YouTube is that they have no streaming community. If I just casually move over to Apex, a game that’s old (and it has been out for) a year or two. I mean, sh*t.”

The streamer fell out of love with the game last year and has been hooked to Warzone for a while now. In March 2020, he said “I might not ever play this game again. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely f**king zero interest in this game – none, never have. A little bit early on, but that was fun, I was learning, it was fresh.”

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