Dupreeh Talks About Taking on Dev1ce’s Role and Gameplay Changes in Astralis


Astralis senior member Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen was on fire yesterday against Complexity at the currently ongoing DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, securing 54 kills across 2 maps. In a post-match interview with the organizers, dupreeh spoke about how he is slowly adapting to what was once Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz’ role on the Danish lineup. The entry fragger turned AWPer looked quite comfortable using the bolt action sniper as Astralis showcased some fast-paced aggressive gameplay, something very different and fresh from their usual methodical approach. Answering questions about the same, this is what dupreeh had to say about the new post-dev1ce era of the Danish organization.

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Dupreeh talks about taking on the role of dev1ce

The 28-year-old Dane was in a great mood following their victory over Complexity, as Astralis secured themselves a spot in the playoffs. Talking about the burst of motivation in the team following dev1ce’s departure, dupreeh said that the secret behind it was,

“Just to prove people wrong and to prove that we can also play good without dev1ce. You dwell into bad habits and you dwell into maybe not realizing what could be the issue and just getting this new feeling of motivation. So far it has been a pleasure to play.”

Shifting the focus towards himself, dupreeh goes on to talk about taking over dev1ce’s role in the team saying that,

“I have picked up the AWP, I get to play a new role, I get to do some other stuff. That motivates me and makes me wanna enjoy the game. It is definitely fun playing a new role and I still have tons of things to learn, I have only played it for like one and a half weeks now.

Obviously, I have had the role before when dev1ce had a medical leave but the game has also changed a lot since then. The one thing that has changed the most is that dev1ce is not here any more, (so) people can’t sit and say why is dupreeh AWPing when dev1ce is a better AWPer, and that also takes a lot of pressure away from me. I have definitely not felt the pressure same way as last time.”

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Dupreeh on gameplay changes in Astralis

Astralis is known for its clean methodical gameplay, involving a lot of brilliant utility usage and a whole lot of other complex tactics. But yesterday against Complexity, they went on to showcase a whole different side as they rushed in to take engagements, played aggressively, and gamble stacked sites when defending. Talking about this sudden change in gameplay dupreeh went on to say that,

“We haven’t had the time to do anything. I remember during Vertigo, Bubzkji was like I don’t know any nades on ‘A-Site’ and I was like it doesn’t matter, we just peek. I mean sometimes that’s just how it is you know, obviously we haven’t had much time to prepare and make everything work.

There just have been so many things we have had to learn. But at the same time, we look at other teams and are trying to see what are they doing correctly, how are they approaching the game, because for so long we have been the team to set the meta.

I think we have probably struggled with figuring out this online era and how the game is played right now. So, we are just trying to improve and figure out what works the best for us and also try to cover what other teams are doing.”

Dupreeh went on to speak about the emotional impact dev1ce leaving the team has had on him and the others., and concludes by saying that he is happy while everyone on Astralis is enjoying playing Counter-Strike at the moment.

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