MidOne, kpii’s Team SMG stack beat 496 Gaming and move to second place of Lower DIvision


Team SMG smashed through 496 Gaming in Asia’s Lower Division of the DPC squarely beating them 2-0. 496 Gaming’s efforts simply could not match the experience that veteran players MidOne, Ah-Fu and kpii provided to Team SMG. In both the games Ah-Fu’s Grimstroke was left unbanned and taking full advantage of the slip-up, SMG picked it both games, the flawless teamwork between Ah-Fu and SMG midlaner Neah666 carried the team through both of their wins with the two players ending with the most assists and kills respectively. Team SMG remain strong in the Lower Division and have dropped only one series and remain with a 3-1 W-L score. 496 Gaming ironically with the exact opposite 1-3 W-L score are fighting for their place in the Lower Division.

Team SMG’s lineup had Roger “Roddgeee” Tan standing in for Mushi in today’s series against 496 Gaming. Roddgeee has previously played in teams like MVP HOT6ix, Geek Fam, and Team Serenity.

Team SMGImage via Team SMG Twitter

496 Gaming no match for the team of veterans Team SMG in the Asia Lower Division of DPC 2021


Game 1 saw Team SMG’s combo of Grimstroke and Ember Spirit leaving 496 Gaming in shambles. Although 496 Gaming won the safelane matchup against kpii on the Chaos Knight, in classic kpii fashion it just made for more space as Team SMG took advantage of it and got key kills on the enemy mid Morphling. Some late-game teamfight blunders from 496 Gaming’s Oracle wherein he failed to save the Morphling only added more to their impending loss and eventually MidOne on Phantom Lancer was simply too strong and secured the win.

Game 2 was the highlight of the experience difference between the players of both teams. Team SMG picked the Faceless Void for MidOne and even though it looked like SMG had no damage output inside the Chrono the sheer hard lockdown it provided won them the fights. Additionally, kpii on the Brewmaster was always ready to completely remove 496 midlaner hunghung’s Leshrac from the teamfights with the tornado from the Storm Brew-ling and eventually ran over 496 Gaming sweeping them 2-0

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Here are some highlights of the series

With this win Team SMG stays strongly in the second spot of the DPC and will look to further their momentum when they face bottom team Cignal Ultra on May 4, 2021.

496 Gaming will fight for their spot in the Lower Division of the DPC facing Team Mystery on May 6, 2021.

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