[Watch] AWP Wallbangs to Clear 3 Common ‘Ramp’ Spots on CS:GO Map Nuke


Nuke is one of the most strategically complicated CS:GO maps in the current competitive map pool. It is by design very different from all the other maps, as it is built vertically instead of the usual horizontal design, making for some interesting gameplay and unique strategies. CT-side team has a better win rate on the map due to which T-sided players have to be quite crafty. To aid the T-side in executing better, ‘u/Asder17’ has found some great AWP wallbang spots that provide such opportunities to the T-side, helping them clear 3 common ‘Ramp’ spots without the need of peeking.

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3 AWP wallbang spots on Nuke to clear ‘Ramp’

It is always a bit tricky for the T-side to execute on Nuke because the sound information easily slips through, and it is really easy for the CT-side to rotate. So whenever the T-side has to hit a site, they have to be very careful and quick. Otherwise, the defending side can simply beat them with their quick rotations and catch them slipping.

These AWP wallbang tips from ‘u/Asder17’ are really helpful as they give the attacking side a chance to grab a surprise kill, while also clearing ‘Ramp’ for their side to rotate freely between the 2 sites. However, this is not a foolproof trick and only covers 3 common spots that players are most likely to hold.

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From the clip above, you can see that simply standing from ‘Lobby’ the players can easily clear some of the most common spots on ‘Ramp’. The first shot is right below the direction chart, the second can be hit from the corner of the vending machine straight through the opposite wall, and the third one though a bit tricky can be practiced a few times to get a hang off.

Together the 3 shots do not put the user at any risk while giving them a chance of securing one free kill, going further into the round with a 5v4, one-man advantage. This trick has a low chance in a professional setting but can be extremely useful for all those playing competitive matchmaking. Though be prepared to get a few reports as you may tick off a few players, who may call you a cheater!

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