Gorgc and Team Bald Reborn Finally Win a Game in DPC 2021


Gorgc and Team Bald Reborn (TBR) have secured their first win in the 2021 DPC by taking down No Bounty Hunter. Gorgc and TBR played fantastic in all three games of the series with Gorgc even getting a rampage in the one game they lost. Having lost the first game of the BO3 series TBR quickly recovered and then reverse swept the series which ended 2-1 in their favor. While their performance hasn’t exactly been perfect in the DPC League, so far, this win could provide them with the momentum to push them up the points table. No Bounty Hunter currently has a 1-2 W-L record after having played three series in the DPC 2021 S2: Europe Lower Division.

Gorgc and Team Bald Reborn beat No Bounty Hunter and reverse sweep their way to their first win in the DPC Season

Gorgc in OGImage via OG


Game 1 was a nailbiter as both teams were evenly neck and neck through the 52 minute game with Gorgc even getting a Rampage on his Bloodseeker. Team Bald Reborn however got outscaled in the late game and had no answer for kAAN’s Chaos Knight which gave No Bounty Hunter the win.

Game 2 saw Team Bald Reborn put Xcalibur on the mid Beastmaster, which is arguably one of the more broken heroes this patch thanks to recent buffs to his Aghanims Scepter. Xcalibur along with Gorgc’s Chaos Knight made the game a one-sided affair with their overwhelming damage which eventually led to Team Bald Reborn’s’s victory in 42 minutes.

Game 3 was another 50-minute game that saw TBR put Gorgc on a controversial Slardar carry to enable Xcalibur’s mid Morphling which was the true carry, against the classic tried and true Io-Gyro combo from No Bounty Hunter. As close as the game was, TBR got the win with fantastic buyback usage and Xcalibur’s phenomenal late-game onMorphling. which ended up out-carrying the enemy Gyro.


Here are some highlights of the series

After finally getting their first win in the DPC league, Team Bald Reborn will look to build on that momentum when it faces Into the Breach on May 4, 2021. NBH with a similar purpose will face Ghost frogs on April 29, 2021.

Gorgc gives a ‘Chad’ Interview after his first triumph at the DPC 2021

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Gorgc opened up the interview by stating that he was receiving donations when he is not even streaming and stated that he was surprised that Team Bald Reborn were given Beastmaster.

“We were pretty surprised, I mean honestly we’ve never practised Beast or anything so we kinda just went with it. But it worked out so it’s nice.“

Gorgc also confirmed that the team does not scrim or practise for the DPC 2021, even going as far as stating “Practise is for noobs”. He concluded the interview by stating that he would give the MVP of this series to himself and that he would update his stream title to “Winners’ Stream.”

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