Mobile Legends 515 Eparty Event: What Players Can Expect?


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s annual event called the 515 Eparty Event is fast approaching. Last year’s 515 Eparty Event was a huge success. It would seem that Moonton is planning on making this year’s event even bigger. Moonton has posted a sneak peek on what players can expect in the upcoming event, including the release of the new hero Phovious, free access to all heroes, unlimited rank star protection for a whole day, free exclusive skins, and many more. If you’re curious about what content you can expect to arrive during the 515 Eparty Event in Mobile Legends, here is all the content that has been revealed so far.

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Mobile Legends 515 Eparty Event: What Players Can Expect?

Moonton has recently posted a sneak peek of what the upcoming 515 Eparty offers. In the video, they have revealed various events and giveaways for players who participate in the event.

Claim new Hero Phovious for Free

Players can claim the upcoming new ML hero Phovious for free. They simply have to log in between April 1 and April 16 to claim their free hero.

Mobile Legends 515 Eparty Event: What Players Can Expect?Players can claim the new ML Hero for Free.

Free Harith Exclusive Skin

Don’t miss out on the free 515 Eparty skin for Harith. This skin can be acquired from April 13 until April 31.

Mobile Legends 515 Eparty Event: What Players Can Expect?Players can receive a free exclusive skin for Harith.

Skin Chest and Limited Skin Returns

Players can participate in the upcoming skin chest event where they are guaranteed to win an Elite Skin in the draw. The event will start on April 15 until April 17.

Lucky Star Event Returns

In the Lucky Star event, players will have a chance to win all heroes and skins. The event will start on April 15.

Mobile Legends 515 Eparty Event: What Players Can Expect?The Lucky Star Event returns with more chances of winning all heroes and skins.

All S.T.U.N. Skins Reveal

All S.T.U.N. Skins will be revealed and be made available when the 515 Eparty officially starts.

Win 9999 Diamonds By Inviting Friends

ML players can participate in an event where they stand a chance to win tons of diamonds. The lucky winner will win as many as 9999 diamonds.

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Other Events to Expect in the 515 Eparty Event

Aside from the mentioned special events for the 515 Eparty Event in MLBB, here are more side events that will be held on top of the special events;

  • 515 Eparty Exclusive Achievement
  • Limited-time free access to all heroes.
  • Unlimited Star Protection in ranked games.
  • Super Discount in Store
  • Mayhem Mode returns on April 1 until April 13
  • Ravage Mode returns on April 11 until April 31
  • Shadow Brawl Mode returns on April 21 until May 3

This upcoming 515 Eparty Event in MLBB will be much bigger than last year’s event. Players can expect more content and giveaways from Moonton during the annual event in Mobile Legends.

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