CS:GO Map Creator Designs Cyberpunk 2077 Themed Remake Of Nuke


One of the most complex competitive CS:GO map Nuke recently received a Cyberpunk 2077 themed remake and it actually looks like something straight out of the sci-fi RPG. The map has been developed by ‘Guinness World Record’ attaining Australian content creator Luke Millanta, who goes by the name of ‘lmtlss’ on Steam. He is an expert when it comes to redesigning classic CS:GO maps as Cyberpunk 2077 themed concept pieces. Some of his previous remakes include maps like Mirage 2077, Dust II077, Overpass 2077, and Train 2077, all of them being an instant hit with the CS:GO community.

A similar reception has been achieved once again by ‘Nuke 2077′ which looks seriously stunning, with a lot of multi-colored neon lighting covering the whole map, a beautiful night time setting, and drones flying around patrolling the nuclear reactor.

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Nuke redesigned as a Cyberpunk 2077 themed map: Nuke 2077

Nuke is one of the most strategically complex maps in CS:GO, due to both the attacking sites being one on top of the other, instead of being spread horizontally. This makes for some interesting Counter-Strike action as it is easier to gain information via sound, which at times can also be confusing and may deceive a player into making a useless rotation or passing on wrong information.

But while the gameplay on Nuke is top-notch, the maps ambience is pretty drab and boring. So the Cyberpunk 2077 redesign to the map was a welcome change and the community absolutely loved it. Here are some of the key highlight changes that we have comes across Nuke 2077,

  • The most beautiful thing about the map is the night time setting which actually suits the map perfectly. There is ample lighting outside the nuclear reactor, with the designer making use of some floodlights along with a lot of bright white coloured neon being used on the outside of the structure.
  • Another amazing thing about the map is the abundance of neon-coloured lighting used, especially within the reactor. Though different coloured lights are used, they do not overpower each other as the creator has segregated their usage properly across the map, like The ‘A-Site’ being draped in a reddish tint, the connector leading down to the ‘B-Site’ being given a bluish shade, and other such instances.
  • The addition of drones adds perfectly to the map, giving it a sort of a secure facility feel which it actually is. So they do not stand out and blend in perfectly with the vibe of the whole map. This was a particularly smart addition and quite subtle, as not many users were able to pick it out in the first go.

As for what the CS:GO community thought about the map, well it was once again a home run with the Steam Workshop page of Nuke 2077 receiving a plethora of awards from the users. The creator has now completed a total of 5 maps under the Cyberpunk 2077 collection and with no more competitive maps left to be redesigned, we may receive a new series soon.

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