Rammus Has Been Released in Wild Rift: Here’s All You Need to Know


Rammus, the Armordillo has just arrived in League of Legends: Wild Rift with two new skins. WR Players can now unlock the lovable champion in the in-game shop for 5,500 Blue Motes or 725 Wild Cores. Riot Games made a slight rework to the abilities of Rammus in Wild Rift to make him a better fit for mobile. However, his basic playstyle remains the same as his PC counterpart. Rammus is currently the 62nd champion in Wild Rift and is one of the easiest jungle champions to use. Along with the new champion, two new skins have also been added, both priced at 725 Wild Cores each. Here are more details about the new champion in LoL WR.

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Wild Rift Rammus: Lore and Other Details

According to the lore, no one actually knows what or where Rammus came from. He is “widely idolized by many, dismissed by some, mystifying to all.” One thing for sure is that his iconic “OK” dialogue has struck the hearts of many players.

Rammus is a champion more suited as the Jungler of the team but can also be played in Baron Lane or Support. His kit revolves around letting enemies hit him and reflect a percentage of the damage back to them. He can also gain momentum if he’s out of combat, gaining a ton of movement speed bonus as he curls to a ball and rolls around the map.

Wild Rift Rammus Abilities

Rammus has straightforward yet powerful abilities. However, he gets countered by heavy burst mages like Annie and Orianna.

Here is a quick look at his abilities;

Passive:Rolling Armordillo

When out of combat, gain bonus movement speed. Value is increased when using 1st skill.

1st Skill: Powerball

Enables passive skill and gains additional movement speed. Colliding with an enemy deals AoE magic damage, knocking them back and slowing them.

2nd Skill: Defensive Ball Curl

Passive: Spiked Shell

  • Attacks deal bonus magic damage


  • Rammus curls down reducing his movement speed while gaining bonus armor and magic resistance.
  • Enemies that attack Rammus will receive a percentage of the damage back to them.

3rd Skill: Frenzying Taunt

Taunts the target enemy and gain bonus attack speed.

Ultimate: Soaring Slam

  • Rammus hops into the air and slams down, dealing magic damage and creating aftershocks in the area.
  • Aftershocks deal magic damage to enemies within the area every second and slows them.
  • The AoE of aftershock scales with Rammus’ movement speed.

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Wild Rift Rammus: Champion and Skin Price

Two new skins for Rammus in Wild Rift have also been added. These new skins can also be purchased along with the champion through a special release bundle at a discounted price.

Here are the prices for the champion, skins, and the special bundle;

  • Champion Rammus: 5,500 Blue Motes or 725 Wild Cores
  • Molten Rammus Skin: 725 Wild Cores
  • Sweeper Rammus: 725 Wild Cores
  • Rammus Release Set (Champion Rammus + Molten Rammus Skin + Sweeper Rammus): 1,812 Wild Cores
Wild Rift: Rammus Has Been ReleasedThe Rammus Bundle

It will be interesting to see Rammus’ impact in changing the Wild Rift meta since it has become a little stale recently.

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