How to Level Up Fast In Valorant: Max Your Battle Pass Quickly


To level up fast in Valorant, you need to know how the game’s XP system works and play the right game modes for the most XP if you are short on time. Valorant’s Episode 2 Act 3 is expected to launch very soon and if you have been struggling to max out your current battle pass, here is a quick guide on how to level up fast in Valorant. Regular players do not have to worry about levelling up much as they get enough XP to complete their battle passes very quickly. But if you have limited time per day, this is what you need to do to level up fast in Valorant.

How to Level Up Fast in Valorant: XP System

If you are wondering how to level up fast in Valorant, here’s a quick look at how XP works in the game.

  • XP is determined by the number of rounds won
  • Individual performance does not affect XP
  • Each round played offers 100 XP
  • Winning a round adds a bonus 200 XP
  • Weekly Missions offer 12000 XP
  • Daily Missions offer 2000 XP

If you play the game a lot, you can complete the Episode battle passes very quickly. However, if you want to make the most use out of your time you should focus on completing the daily and weekly quests as they offer the most XP and help you level up fast in Valorant.

Which Game Mode Should You Play to Level Up Fast in Valorant

Spike Rush and the standard 5v5 game modes are the preferred means of earning XP for most players. While Spike Rush matches do not last long and allow you to secure some quick wins, the XP gains are not worth it in comparison to the standard mode. Riot Games has adjusted the XP gains system to reward the amount of time spent. If you want to rank up fast in Valorant, you should stick to Unrated to Ranked.

This is subject to change with the introduction of limited-time modes during the season which might offer better XP gains. But even though the standard game mode is more time consuming, the higher XP gains make levelling up much more convenient. Here is a rundown of how to level up fast in Valorant

  • Play Unrated/Ranked matches
  • Focus on Weekly and Daily Missions
  • Winning matches rewards the most XP outside of quests

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