CS:GO Team Disqualified From Flashpoint 3 Qualifiers for Fielding VAC Banned Player


The currently ongoing Flashpoint Season 3: Open Qualifier #3 which is the first European RMR (Regional Major Ranking) event of 2021, has witnessed one of the participating teams ‘RatPatrol’ face disqualification mid-tournament for reportedly fielding a VAC banned Danish CS:GO player – Pilgaard “PeterPik” Jacob, on 21 April 2021. Former Ninjas in Pyjamas member Dennis “dennis” Edman also spoke publicly on the situation stating that his current team Apeks had lost to cheaters and that “at least one of them got banned,” indirectly hinting that other ‘RatPatrol’ players might also have been involved. Though the European CS:GO team has been disqualified, no formal statement on the matter has been made by either Flashpoint or FACEIT so far.

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CS:GO team disqualified mid-tournament for fielding VAC banned player

European CS:GO team ‘RatPatrol’ has been disqualified from the currently ongoing Flashpoint Season 3: Open Qualifier #3 for reportedly fielding a VAC banned player. The 19-year-old Dane Pilgaard “PeterPik” Jacob, was the alleged VAC banned player on the roster. Though his Steam Profile is private and information about it cannot be found, PeterPik’s FACEIT account shows that he has been ‘Banned For Cheating’.

The team had managed to reach the quarterfinals, their most significant win coming off against the Swedish side of Apeks being led by former NiP member dennis. After the team was disqualified from the tournament, dennis had come forward to express his discontent of losing to a team that was cheating.

Apeks had lost to RatPatrol on Inferno with a ‘16-14’ scoreline, during the round-of-32 faceoff. The single-game affair was a huge deal for the unknown European side as they took down Apeks in a really close game.

RatPatrol somehow proceeded to evade the organizers and even managed to play a map against GameAgents on Inferno in their quarterfinals match, once again winning by a close ‘16-14’ scoreline. However, the team never made it to the semifinals as one of their players was reportedly VAC banned.

They were immediately replaced by GamerAgents for the semifinals match against Cowana Gaming, a slot that had earlier been taken by RatPatrol. While some reports are coming in that PeterPik had received a VAC ban midway through the tournament after the team had reached the semifinals, there is no conclusive evidence to prove this. But one thing which is certain is that PeterPik was definitely cheating, as is evident from his FACEIT account.

No official statement on the matter has been released by either Flashpoint or FACEIT at the time of writing this article. Many from the CS:GO community including dennis have been asking Flashpoint about how they would be making the qualifier fair for all the affected teams, but so far the only decision that has been made regarding this is replacing the disqualified team with GameAgents and giving them another chance.

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