AFK Arena Tier List For April 2021


An AFK Arena tier list will help players pick the best heroes when playing a gacha RPG like AFK Arena. There are different classes in AFK Arena like tanks, support, warrior, ranger/attacker, and mage heroes. Here is the late-game tier list for heroes in AFK Arena for patch 1.61.01. However, keep in mind that players need to understand and build heroes optimally with items in order to maximize their potential when it comes to late-game. This AFK Arena tier list for April 2021 will only act as your guide on which heroes are performing well in the game. Heroes placed on the S-tier are considered very powerful heroes. If you happen to have these heroes, it is recommended you build a team around these S-tier heroes.

AFK Arena Tier List for Tanks

Skreg Tank AFK ArenaPick up heroes like Daimon, Orthos, Mezoth, and Hendrik to make your team OP. | Source: AFK Arena Facebook

A team with only damage dealers and support heroes can not always keep their ground against powerful enemies, this is where tanks come in. By having one or more strong tanks on your team, players can ensure that the team has someone to rely on to soak up damage. Here are some of the best tanks in the late/end game of AFK Arena.

AFK Arena Heroes
Daimon, Orthos, Mezoth, Hendrik, Brutus, Lucius
Albedo, Grezhul, Skreg, Arthur, Gorro, Thoran
Amoki, Ulmus, Torne, Thoran
Golus, Hogan, Niru, Ogi

AFK Arena Tier List for Supports

Tasi supportWhile Elijah and Lailah are the best support picks but Tasi is a great pick too.| Source: AFK Arena Facebook

Some players overlook the importance of support heroes in AFK Arena as they don’t have a lot of defenses and damage stats. Supports contribute to the team by increasing overall power and utility with their signature skills. Support heroes are also great for keeping your team alive for longer, thus increasing your damage output. Here is the tier list for late-game supports in AFK Arena:

Tier AFK Arena Heroes
S Elijah and Lailah, Rowan, Talene, Tasi, Nemora, Rosaline
A Mortas, Silas, Peggy, Numisu
B Raine
D Arden

AFK Arena Tier List for Warriors

WarriorPick up a frontline hero to soak up damage while dealing high damage. | Source: AFK Arena Facebook

Warriors are frontline heroes that soak up damage like tanks but also have decent offensive abilities. They help protect the backline while dealing high damage to the enemies. Here is the tier list for late-game warriors in AFK Arena:

Tier AFK Arena Heroes
S Alna, Saurus, Izold
A Nara, QUEEN, Wu Kong, Khasos, Warek, Zolrath, Estrilda
B Antandra, Ukyo, Seirus
C Rigby
D Serius

AFK Arena Tier List for Rangers

Ranger ThaneRangers deal consistent physical damage in battle but have low health.| Source: AFK Arena Facebook

Just like their name, they have the ability to attack others from a far distance. Their attack speed is usually pretty fast. They continuously provide a significant amount of physical damage throughout the battles, which is very crucial in any lineup.

Tier AFK Arena Heroes
S Eironn, Athalia, Ferael, Gwyneth
A Fawkes, Cecilia, Kaz, Nakoruru, Tidus
B Theowyn, Drez, Respen
C Thane
D Oscar

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AFK Arena Tier List for Mage

Belinda MagePick up mages like Ainz Ooal Gown and Mehira to deal a devastating amount of magic damage.| Source: AFK Arena Facebook

Mages deal damage from afar, like rangers. Most of their high amount of magic damage output comes from their Ultimates. However, mages don’t have a lot of defensive stats so they are easily killed by assassins or divers.

Tier AFK Arena Heroes
S Ainz Ooal Gown, Mehira, Safiya, Zaphreal, Satrana
A Belinda, Flora Lorsan Eluard Pippa Khazard
B Solise, Isabella
C Oden

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