Valorant Player From Singapore Accused of Match-Fixing During Ignition Series


A Valorant player from Singapore who competed in the Ignition Series last year has been accused of match-fixing and betting by Calel, another Valorant player from the same region. Calel talked about how Germsg, who has competed in multiple tournaments, bet against his own team and fixed matches during the Ignition series event. Calel posted a document detailing all of his claims. Germsg is currently a part of Team 600 and he has been participating in the Valorant Champions Tour Singapore/Malaysia Challengers events. The player is yet to respond to the accusations and it is unknown how Riot Games will handle the issue moving forward.

Accusations by Calel against Team 600’s Germsg

The accusation claims by Calel against Germsg are for matches held in the Valorant Ignition Series event last year. It is unknown if the player is still potentially betting during the Valorant Champions Tour event. Calel posted screenshots and his statement via Google Docs, revealing that he is “writing this to bring attention to a semi-professional Singaporean player who had match-fixed in a VALORANT Ignition Series game during the time which he played under professional esports organization Resurgence.”

Calel claims that Germsg fixed at least one match during the Epulze Royal SEA Cup which was a Ignition Series event for the SEA region with a prize pool of $25,000 that was won by Vision Strikers. The accused player Germsg is no longer in Resurgence and is currently a part of Team 600. Calel posted screenshots of conversations between germsg and unknown parties. In one of the screenshots, germsg talks about how his manager did not suspect any foul play.

Germsg SingaporeImage Credit: Calel

According Calel “germsg is currently playing for Team 600 and has been actively taking part in VCT SG/MY Challengers, some of the matches were featured in and some of those matches were bettable as well. Who knows how many of these matches were fixed?”

Team 600 recently competed in the VALORANT Champions Tour Malaysia and Singapore Stage Two Challengers Two event. There is no evidence suggesting any match-fixing during the ongoing event but if Calel’s claims are proven to be true, it is unknown how many matches have been fixed by germsg so far.

Riot Games is yet to respond to the issue and germsg has not responded to the accusations yet either. The document posted by Calel has numerous screenshots hinting towards foul play during the Ignition Series event but the authenticity of the evidence provided is yet to be verified by anyone.

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