TNC Predator vs Omega Esports: Match Recap, Highlights and Interview


TNC Predator have seemingly rediscovered their winning ways, having secured two victories in a row in the 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. Beating Execration in their debut series, TNC has now taken down fellow Filipinos, Omega Esports, 2-0 in another one-sided affair. Omega Esports had unorthodox drafts, which did not seem to work in either of the two matches. On the other hand, their enemies stuck to conventional drafting, with Armel stealing the show with stellar performances on Tiny and Bristleback. This series also marks the first loss for Omega Esports in the regional league after having won two of their initial series.

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TNC Predator Registers Second Consecutive Series Win in the 2021 SEA DPC Season 2


TNC Predator took on Omega Esports in the first SEA Upper Division series on April 21, 2021.

Game 1 saw Omega playing actively in the first phase as they had high nuke and mobile heroes. But as soon as TNC got their first item timings, they countered any moves from their enemies and ran around the map to take favorable small skirmishes. With a weaker late game lineup, Omega had no answers as they lost the game in 36 minutes.

Game 2 witnessed Omega drafting a mid-Snapfire and an offlane Bounty Hunter. On the other hand, Armel played Bristleback in the mid lane while Gabbi played a safe lane Queen of Pain. This time as well, though Omega looked steady in the early phases, they were overwhelmed by the sustain and damage coming in latter halves, leading to a loss in 32 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series:

TNC Predator has looked solid in their opening two encounters in the Regional League and look set to occupy the top spots. Their real test will be against other strong teams like Fnatic and OB.Neon. Omega, who had come into this matchup after pulling off an upset against T1, will undoubtedly be looking to gauge their drafts in order to strike back in their forthcoming matches.

SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division standingsFnatic and OB.Neon are yet to play their initial series.

Image Via LiquipediaTNC has an exciting series against OB.Neon on April 24, 2021, while Omega will be seen in action on April 28 against Execration.

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Interview: TNC Boomy talks about patch 7.29

In the post-match winners’ interview, position five players for TNC, Marvin “Boomy” Rushton, put forward his views on the changes introduced in the current patch, 7.29.

“This patch, I think, I really like that they changed the Bounty (Rune) timings. It’s like, in three to four minutes, you got to go mid, take the Bounty, contest the Water Rune. I can leave the carry this way. We usually pick a strong laner as we like to contest runes. I am not really sure what (needs to change in the current patch). It depends on Valve. I am just going to wait for the patch and expect the changes.”

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