RAMZES666 Talks About How and Why He Joined Na’Vi


RAMZES666, in an exclusive interview posted on Na’Vi’s YouTube channel, talked about the reasons behind joining the Dota 2 team of the Ukrainian organization. Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev mentioned that though he was not really motivated to compete in competitive Dota 2, he ended up joining Na’Vi because he enjoyed the games he played for them as a stand-in. He then said that he tried his luck by asking his manager to contact the organization that eventually worked out. RAMZES666 talked about a host of things in the interview which also involved him mentioning the role of EG’s coach, Kanishka ‘Sam’ “BuLba” Sosale, in his Dota 2 career.

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RAMZES666 mentions the reasons behind joining Na’Vi

RAMZES666 had played some matches (probably scrims) with the team when he was chosen as the stand-in for the Singapore Major. Though the team withdrew at the last moment, RAMZES666 explained how this brief period of being a stand-in led to his recruitment.

“Basically, here’s how it went down. I was asked to stand in, five days later I went to Singapore, arrived there, and found out the team had withdrawn from the tournament. I was like, “Oh, that’s a bummer. Well, okay.” The Major ended and there was some time before the roster lock – about 5 days. I kind of decided to try my luck and asked my agent/manager to contact Na’Vi. That’s what happened. I didn’t force anyone’s hand. I merely put out an idea. Feelers, so to speak.”

RAMZES666’s entrance into Na’Vi sparked controversy as the organization had kicked its offlaner, GeneRaL, despite the team delivering decent performances in official matches. However, the team later communicated that they underwent this roster change because of certain roster problems and the dire need for a shot caller and a leader.

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The CIS carry, who now plays in the offlane for Na’Vi, also mentioned that he was not driven enough to compete in professional Dota 2 but playing for the short period for the organization gave him a “kick.”

“I wasn’t really excited about competitive Dota up until Na’Vi asked me to stand in and I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. Though playing my first games (probably scrims) with Na’Vi as a stand-in really made me enjoy it, and I didn’t care about the role and things like that. I was simply getting a kick out of it and that’s how I ended up here.”

EG at DreamLeague S13 MajorWith RAMZES666 in the offlane, EG had finished as the runner-ups of DreamLeague S13.

Image by Adela Sznajder Via DreamHack

One of the most interesting portions of the interview involved RAMZES666 talking about how he had developed the leader role under the guidance of EG’s coach, BuLba.

“I was being taught to call and lead by BuLba at EG as he knew why he got me on board and what he was gonna shape me into. I have known BuLba for about 10 years. He’s my good friend and he helped me in every way.”

RAMZES666 had a rough start to his Dota 2 career in Na’Vi colors as the team registered a crushing defeat against Team Spirit in the CIS 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. The 21-year-old Russian will look to reevaluate his plans and gameplay before returning to action in the league against EXTREMUM on April 23, 2021.

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