Mobile Legends 1.5.72 Advanced Server Item Changes


Moonton recently added a new patch update for the advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The new patch 1.5.72 update adds new items and a few balance changes for existing items in the game. A new restriction has also been implemented to prevent players from purchasing more than one set of boots in the game. This will limit junglers from purchasing only jungle boots while other players can purchase roaming or common boots. If you are curious as to what the new items bring to the table. Here are the item changes revealed in the Mobile Legends for patch 1.5.72 in the advanced server.

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Mobile Legends Advanced Server Item Changes

Equipment Purchase Restrictions

Players can no longer purchase multiple pairs of boots. If a player has Retribution equipped, he can only purchase jungling boots, while other players can choose between common or roaming boots.

New Items

New items have been added to the advanced server of Mobile Legends as of patch 1.5.72.

Mobile Legends Advanced Server Item ChangesNew Items have been added in the advanced server of MLBB.

Vengeful Battleaxe

Base Stats

  • 55 Physical Attack
  • 550 HP
  • 10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive: Berserker

  • The hero enters battle stance upon damaging an enemy unit and gain stacks, to a maximum of eight stacks. This increases the hero’s physical attack and physical penetration each second for three seconds. Upon full stacks, gain bonus movement speed.

Shadow Twinblades

Base Stats

  • 70 Magic Power
  • 10% Magic Lifesteal
  • 5% CD Reduction

Unique Passive: Assassination

  • If the hero has not entered combat within five seconds, the next basic attack will deal extra magic damage and slow enemies hit.

Radiant Armor

Base Stats

  • 800 HP
  • 45 Magic Defense
  • 6 HP Regen

Unique Passive: Holy Blessing

  • Increases magic damage reduction when taking magic damage. The buff scales with level and can stack up to eight times.

Hunter’s Footwear (Jungling Boots)

Unique passive: Hunter

  • After dealing damage to a creep, they take continuous damage for three seconds.

Roamer’s Footwear (Roamer Boots)

Unique Passive: Thriving

  • Extra gold and exp gained from kill assists or when you have the least Gold/EXP remain unchanged.
  • If you’re not the one with the least Gold/EXP on your team, grant a lesser amount of gold or exp to the ally who is instead (only one hero per team can have the effects at a time).
  • Once the total amount of Gold gained from Thriving reaches a set amount, a free advanced Roaming skill is automatically obtained (based on Roaming Footwear purchased). Gold can continue to be gained from Thriving to enhance this skill.

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The items presented in the advanced server of MLBB are still a work in progress and might undergo slight changes before being implemented in the regular servers. Needless to say, this is a big step for Moonton in balancing how Jungling and Roaming in ML works.

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