How To Change Your Riot Games ID And Username


If you want to change your Riot Games ID and username, you can do so every 30 days for free but changing your ID can be a little tricky. To change your Riot Games ID and username, you have to do so from the official account page after logging into your official ID. You can either follow our guide or submit a ticket to the support staff, and they will follow through with your request. Both methods work but submitting a ticket to change your name in Valorant can take up to a day or more and it is easier to change your Riot Games ID and username yourself.

How to Change Your Riot Games ID and Username

Riot Games name changeTo change your Riot Games username and ID, here is what you need to do. During the process, you may be prompted to go through two-factor authentication or email verification if required.

  1. Head to
  2. Put in your login details.
  3. Check your email if the page asks for id verification.
  4. Enter the one-time authentication code from your email if required.
  5. Click on Riot ID on the menu.
  6. Click on the pencil icon to edit your username.
  7. Choose your new name.
  8. Click on Save.

You can use the same menu to edit your connected accounts, change your email and account password. You should be able to change your Riot Games ID and username again as soon as the 30-day cooldown is over. If your account gets flagged for being offensive, Riot will offer another name change, and all cooldowns will be overridden.

Where to Find Your Riot ID

Riot Games IDIf you signed up for a new Riot ID and do not know where to find it, you can log in to the game, and it’ll be the combination of your name with a hashtag and some numbers. Some IDs do not use the numbers and might denote your region instead.

For example, your ID might look like AFKGaming#EUW if you are from Western Europe. Once you have your ID ready, you can change your name in Valorant via the official website. The best part about Riot’s name change service is that you can change the display name as well as the hashtag. You can also request region transfers, which will change the hashtag number or code.

Does It Cost Money To Change Your Riot Games ID And Username

The name change service does not cost any money. However, if you play League of Legends, there is a cost to change your Summoner name, which does not apply to other titles.

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